Windows 10 | How to connect a monitor

Windows 10 | How to connect a monitor

(happy electronic music) Hi, I'm Doug, I'm a writer at Microsoft. Many folks who are working from home want to connect their laptopto a secondary monitor. Many folks have extra ones, or they grabbed theirs fromwork, or they've bought one. So I'm going to show you howto connect it to your laptop, and also the software inside Windows 10 to make it work best for you.

Now, the first thing we haveto talk about, unfortunately, is cables. Sorry, it just has to happen. One, hopefully you havea power cord, that's one. But the second is how to connect it. Now, there are two different types. This is an HDMI, andthis is the DisplayPort, they're pretty similar. An HDMI is a very universal cord.

That's been around foryears for electronics. You probably have thesehanging around the house. They've been used in computer games, connecting things like DVDplayers and things like that to your TV set. A hybrid of that is a DisplayPort. It's built especiallyfor computer monitors, so it's a little more powerful,it's a little different. But it's harder to find around.

If you have them hanging around the house. There's a little difference here, let me show you the connections here. The DisplayPort's on top,it's a little bigger, it has that telltale notch. Also, it's got thisbutton you have to press when you click it in and out of things. It's usually found with desktop computers, so if you want to plug itdirectly into your laptop,.

You're going to need some sort of adapter. So I'm going to show you HDMI. One because, again, a lot ofpeople probably have these hanging around the house if they're trying to figure out how to get it connected. And many laptops havea connection for HDMI, so you can plug thisdirectly into your monitor. And if you don't, like my Surface Book, there's an adapter you can probably have.

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That would connect it to it. So let me show you connectingup a computer monitor. So I've taken the HDMIcord, I've connected it to the back of themonitor in the HDMI slot, and then here I'll plug it into my laptop. A lot of monitors have controls up here, a power button and a source button. The source button is how youmake sure you're connecting to an HDMI, because therecould be multiple sources.

Most of the time, though, the lap… Yep, again, most of the timethe monitor will figure out which thing you have plugged in. For this monitor, it's behind actually, there's a button here that I can press to go through the sources if I need to. So you may have that onthe back of your monitor that you can work with your finger. But let's go back here,and as you can see,.

I have basically a duplicate monitor here. But we can change that. The settings for the Windows key + P brings up Project settings. And we can, instead ofduplicate, we can extend these. And now this laptop is poweringtwo different monitors. I have this one here, and I have… Wait a minute, where is it? Oh, it's over here.

So we can actually fix that,let's go ahead and do that. We'll do that with the display settings. Right-click and go downto Display Settings, and there you'll see wehave two monitors listed. We can actually identify which one's which by clicking this button here. Screen one, screen two. And we can move these where they are. Some people may put thelaptop on the other side,.

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We can certainly do that. I've actually kind ofstacked these for this video, so let's bring thisdown here to the bottom and a little bit to theleft, and then hit Apply. And now, as I mouse over,it's a little more natural to go up and down between the two devices. So you can always rearrange your displays. The other thing about this display is you have two monitors now.

So anything you do down here is only for one monitor at a time. So currently I'm on number one. If I want to change number two, I'll click on it here so it's blue, and then go down and Ican scroll things around. In fact, let's do something here. Let's bring up Word, andI'm going to move this over to the monitor here.

And then I'm going to change the display for monitor two here, solet's make this really big. There it goes. Finally, if you're investingin your home office, your home setup, you might want to look at a docking station ora hub for your laptop. It has to be built especiallyfor your make and model of your laptop, or there areuniversal ones out there. This is the Surface Dock that I can use.

With my Surface Book. Now, what it is, it allows you to plug in everything at once. So if I have externalkeyboards, or power cords, external drives, I canput in DisplayPorts here, I can even plug directlyinto the Internet. Then this stays at the house,and I just have one cord that I plug into my service device. So I can take the laptop with me,.

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And then I plug in the cord if I want to work on the monitor. The monitor fires up, I have power, Internet,Bluetooth connections, all right there with the Surface Dock. Do you have any tips abouthow you work from home? We'd love to know in the comments below. And if there's anyone that you know that would benefit from this video,.

We hope you share and pass it along. Until next time forSimply Windows, I'm Doug. Bye bye.

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