How to schedule automatic shutdown of Windows?

How to schedule automatic shutdown of Windows?

How to easily schedule a spontaneous shutdown or hibernation of our computer in Windows 7, 8 or 10? We can use a program designed for this purpose, such as TimeComX, but the simpler way is to run a very easy and short command in the Command Prompt (cmd). To schedule a computer shutdown in Windows:

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking on the Windows logo
  2. Type cmd in the search box
  3. This will open the Command Prompt
  4. In the Command Prompt, just type or copy the following command:

shutdown -s -t 3600

Shutdown means shutting down the computer. The number 1800 is the time in seconds after which the computer will be turned off after entering the command. At 3600, it will be 60 minutes, because 60 * 60 = 3600. We can change this value to any number of seconds, even to e.g. 86400 – that is 24 hours.

How to schedule a computer to hibernate in Windows?

Setting up hibernation in Windows after a while is as simple as scheduling a system shutdown. In order to hibernate the PC for a certain period of time, enter the command in cmd:

ping -n 3600 && shutdown / h / f

This command is a bit more complex, / h means hibernate and ping is just pinging our computer (every PC has this IP address locally). The number of 3600 seconds can be freely changed according to your needs and preferences.

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