Gulikit KingKong2 Pro Controller – 3 Months Later

Gulikit KingKong2 Pro Controller  – 3 Months Later

It's not very often that I will fall in love with the controller from a third party company but when it comes to the King Kong 2 Pro Controller from ghouli kit that I picked up myself a few months ago for 70 dollars I felt that it totally warrants making a video so I could tell you guys just how good it is I mean there are off-brand ones that I.

Tried and totally suck and once I work perfectly fine but if you are not delivering enough value so I didn't bother making a video about them so there's that anyways hi what's up everybody I'm Edward in today's video I'll be sharing with you my experiences while going over the features of the King Kong 2 Pro wireless controller from.

Ghouli kit after using it for about three months so hit that subscribe button if you're new to this channel to stay updated when I upload new videos and let's see what makes the King Kong 2 Pro Controller so worth considering if you're looking for a multi-platform controller.

The King Kong 2 Pro Controller comes in a white box with minimalistic design and is available in this matte back color and there's also a wide variation which I think looks a lot nicer but I'm concerned that it will slowly become yellow over time opening the box you'll find the controller packed in the plasticky looking carrying case which is.

A nice and welcome addition but I wouldn't call it the best in terms of protection against drops there's also a flat USB a2c cable that measures at 1.6 meters long for charging and a manual which I recommend that you should keep around near you unless you have a photographic memory so that you can reference to it to use the features that.

Comes with the King Kong 2 Pro Controller taking it out of the case the weight of the controller is lighter than the official Nintendo Pro Controller at 223 grams and I can't help but notice how comfortable and nice the robbery like finish of the controller feels to the touch it seems as if there's a light rubber coating over the lightly textured.

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Finish but after going through some light scratching test it doesn't appear so either way however Cooley kit manages this is an amazing feeling which I think many people will like as for the shape of the King Kong 2 Pro Controller it looks and feel almost like an Xbox controller in your hands but with a.

Teeny tiny bit more bulk to it when holding it the Xbox controller has slightly more curve to it on the sides but nevertheless I still find it to be very comfortable to hold for extended periods compared to Nintendo's official Pro Controller I find the King Kong 2 Pro Controller a bit more comfortable and lighter considering that I have.

Slightly large hands as for the buttons and stick placements they are all in a near identical placement as an Xbox controller I personally don't have any issues with goalie kits or Mecha membrane switches used for the face buttons as they provide a nice and tactile feedback similar to an Xbox controller but I do find my left trigger.

Making this weird scratching sound when pressed probably due to a bad molding the d-pad is also responsive and not too mushy being a membrane d-pad but I would prefer it more if it was using the tactile switches like on an Xbox controller there's no extra mappable buttons here but the analog sticks they are removable and will work with control.

Freak sticks if you want to add more customization to it now for the features that come with the goalie kit King Kong 2 Pro Controller the biggest feature would definitely be these analog sticks that uses horse sensing technology that goolie kid chose to use to rid stick drifting due to non-contacting Parts Hall sensing is not a new technology so.

I won't be getting into the details of how it works here but just know that it's more accurate and precise than traditional potential meter analog sticks and that it is also a technology that large corporations prefer not to use ever since the Dreamcast so that they can sell you the same product multiple times.

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And even though the analog sticks use horse sensing technology the sticks still have about the same resistance as a Nintendo switch Pro Controller and it's a tiny bit more loose compared to the sticks on the Xbox controller overall I feel that they are perfectly fine and slightly more accurate for the different type of games that I've played.

And another feature that's exclusive to the pro model is a no dead zone mode which you can toggle to disable the default circular date zone for doing super precise movements in game I personally don't use this feature much for most games because the sticks become super sensitive to the slightest inputs except for when playing racing games.

Which is helpful in precisely tackling those corners but I imagine it would also benefit those of you that play first person shooters with the controller but that's just a guess though because I'm totally terrible with controllers and first person shooter games it's also worth noting that with no dead zone mode off there's a slight.

Dead Zone present making super micro adjustments impossible so that's something that you should keep in mind other customizable features of the King Kong 2 Pro Controller include adjusting the sensitivity of the left and right trigger sensitivities which also uses a hall sensing technology the vibration vibration intensity and swapping the.

Abxy layout for use with a PC or mobile phone like an Xbox controller which by the way is only digitally swapping as you cannot physically swap the buttons and if you remember me saying to keep the manual nearby for reference earlier it's because there's no software required to customize the King Kong 2 Pro Controller which is a good thing but.

You will most likely need still need the manual to see the button combinations in order to customize it there's also a built-in NFC Reader for amiibos and six axis gyro control that can also be used like a right analog stick control when connected to the PC even for games that don't support gyro but truth be told I don't really find that feature helpful.

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As I find it a little difficult and slow to use but what I do find helpful is the macro recording for up to 10 minutes and the auto rapid fire features for fighting games and beat them up games like bayoneta 3 you can easily unleash a combo at the Press of a button which is something I find that's very helpful for my thumbs and I also seen other players.

Use it to automatically build a structure in fortnite at the Press of a button which is also quite cool and as for the connectivity of the King Kong 2 Pro Controller it can work both in wired and wireless mode and will connect to the Nintendo switch PC and mobile phones and even though I spent most of my testing time with the Nintendo switch it.

Also works flawlessly when playing it on the PC with the PC you could use the King Kong tool set to switch mode and it will show up on the steam as a Nintendo Pro Controller or switch it to the X input mode for non-steam games to use it as an Xbox controller and according to goalie kit they're currently developing an adapter that allows the King Kong 2.

Pro to you to be used with Xbox and PlayStations in the near future so that's pretty neat so overall even though the googly hit King Kong 2 Pro Controller retails at 70 dollars like a first party controller the features multi-platform compatibility and build quality pretty much delivers a great value for what you're paying probably.

Even more than first party controllers if you ask me and with kid constantly adding more features to your firmware updates that you can find on their website this is seriously one of the best third-party controllers that I have ever used alright hope you guys find today's video helpful and thank you as always for.

Watching you enjoyed today's video hit that like button as will help this channel a lot more than you know it and I'll see you again in the next video ciao

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  1. I really like everything about this controller but the lack of back buttons is a deal breaker unfortunately… I'll be sticking with the 8bitdo ultimate.

  2. I landed on your video looking for a solution to the apparent built in deadzone! NOWHERE else could I find word about it.

    (For anybody wondering, no deadzone mode is activated by hitting settings & screenshot simultaneously)

    I just wanted to mention that at 4:02, Gamers' Clinic is WRONG. I have the base model and the controller supports no-deadzone mode. This could be due to newer firmware unlocking it since the video released, as I updated my controller as soon as I got it, but I can't be certain.

    Appreciate the video!

  3. Mine broke after about 3 weeks. It was one of the triggers. Didn't want to deal with contacting Gulikit so I tore it apart and fixed it myself. I was not happy to find the reason it felt so heavy and well built….the weights they had added inside the case to make it heavy. Took all the weights out and actually like it better lighter but thought it was pretty shady to just add weights to make it heavy. It's a good controller, but not great.

  4. Thanks for the video, but I would've much appreciated if this was an actual comprehensive long term overview instead of a review that felt a bit forced.
    I was half expecting an initial review video and then this video that would actually cover extended use.

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