Keeper Security Password Manager – Tutorial, Demo, Overview 🔐 Master THIS Security Tool

Keeper Security Password Manager – Tutorial, Demo, Overview 🔐 Master THIS Security Tool

In today's video, we're checking out keepersecurity, a password manager. Let's figure out what it is, what it does. If it's agood fit for everyone, let's check it out. If you're serious about your security, youshould definitely use a password manager. And that's exactly what keeper security password.It allows you to save your passwords and your personal data and files securely in a vault,and then access that information when you need to use it such as logging into a website orstoring your information from a first login. So keepers security is a, uh, no frills, nobells or whistles type of password manager approach. Um, they've been around for awhile here and they offer a lot of great. Um, pretty much on par with a lot ofthe other password managers Northern.

Pass, uh, one password last task, prettymuch on par with them. So let's get into the nuts and bolts of, of, you know,what you would get with this software. Once you sign up for a free. It's time todo two steps. First is to install the apps on your desktop. And the second item isto install the browser extension so that you can automatically save and recall yourpasswords while browsing the web online. Okay. So if you've downloaded the desktop app andyou've downloaded the extension for your browser, you're pretty much set to rock and roll at this. Assuming that you've already imported yourpasswords. Uh, you're pretty much, uh, in a really good spot. The two great featuresthat I want to share are the security audit.

And the breach watch. As you can see herefrom the security audit, I'm at about a 53%, which tells me I really got to work on mypasswords and kind of clean things up a bit. You can see here, I've got over 900 passwords,so it'll take me some time to clean some of this stuff up. But you know, having this audithere in place kind of gives me a gauge as. How good my passwords are. Right.Um, so this is a really awesome tool. And then the second thing here is databreach or breach washer, I should say. Um, and it's an awesome tool because what itdoes is it looks online and it looks to see if you have any of your personal information exposedfrom a data breach or somewhere else in the web. However, they got to it. Um, if, if a keeperfinds any of your personal information online.

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And let you know, so you can turn onthe setting here and it's an awesome. And there you go. Keep your password manager. Itoffers a lot of great features, but is it worth the price for you? I guess it ultimately dependson what you're looking for. Keepers, easy to use, right. It's easy to maneuver. It's easier to saveyour passwords easier to recall your passwords and really kind of keep a gauge on your, your, uh, security that havingto spend too much time around. So Hebrew is awesome. I think it's worth it.If you're looking for a no-frills solution. And then also too, it's really important to notethat they else come with a ton of other features, right? There's um, there's a filestorage, which I didn't really touch on.

Family plan, which allows you toshare passwords across your family. There's business plans, tons of features there,um, and then concierge services. So, uh, your mileage may vary. Keeper password manageris awesome. It's a minimalistic approach and I really like it. So hopefully you guys, duringthis video, leave a like, and I'll talk you later.

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