This is superior to everything! – GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller

This is superior to everything! – GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller

On paper this is a king-tier gaming controller offering an unprecedented one-two punch of cross-compatibility and durability and yet it comes from a company that i only just heard of when they made the news for offering replacement analog sticks for the valve steam deck it comes from gili kit and they're calling it the king kong 2 pro.

Controller but what makes it so special aside from the fact that it comes with a nice little carrying case man i love that actually nice little hard case if you like to travel or just keep your belongings safe when they're in storage although i can immediately see some ways that it could be improved there's no pass-through for.

Charging so you can't charge your controller while it is inside the case and also oh i'm i'm less impressed now this hinge seems like it's not long for this world but the same cannot be said of the controller itself on the surface it looks just like an xbox series x controller it's even got.

The same little texture dimples on the back although there are some switch buttons added to it we'll talk more about that later but it's what's under the hood that counts the king kong 2 pro instead of using cheap potentiometer-based joysticks uses hall effect joysticks so that means that unlike the playstation 5 nintendo switch.

Xbox series and even the valve steam deck the king kong 2 pros joysticks should last much longer the reason for this is that potentiometer joysticks are kind of like us it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when they will expire they use two potentiometers one in the x-axis one in the y-axis and a.

Potentiometer if you're not familiar is a variable resistor so what happens is as you move the potentiometer the voltage readout changes indicating to your pc or to your console where the analog stick is the problem is that potentiometers have moving wearing parts and when the metal contacts wear out it can actually change those resistance.

Values that's what's known as joystick drift so your joystick might be sitting in a centered position still the springs might be fine but the values have changed so now in that neutral position your character starts drifting off to the side or walking backwards or whatever the case may be hall effect joysticks use an entirely.

Different mechanism they look and feel exactly the same because they're still spring-loaded but to get that voltage to get that value they use permanent magnets now okay before you correct me i know that even a permanent magnet is not technically forever permanent but compared to a potentiometer i think it's okay to call it that so.

What happens is as we change the relative position of these permanent magnets we get a voltage value that is never going to change of course if it's attached to a crappy controller we're not going to care about that so we'll definitely get some impressions there but first let's have a look at what else is in the box you get some stickers you.

Get some firmware updates little manual ah yes this matters a lot because there's a bit of complexity here we got a nice little type a to type c flat charging cable it's definitely usb 2. you can tell from the white color coding and the fact that most of the pins inside the type-c connector are missing i'm actually not.

Even sure if it does data nice all right it does do data there's charging only usb c cables it's like really you had to save those fractions of a penny worth of copper next to the charging port we've got a pairing button with accompanying four led player indicator just like you'd find on a nintendo switch then on the other side.

  Gulikit KingKong2 Pro Controller - 3 Months Later

We've got my first disappointment i'd really hoped given that it is shaped exactly like an xbox controller that they might have found a way to work xbox compatibility into the product but unfortunately you need a third-party dongle like a wingman in order to connect this thing to your xbox the good news is it does still have decent.

Cross-platform compatibility you can select either d or x input on windows depending on whether you're playing or retro games or if you just want it to be picked up automatically by modern games that would be x input you can select android or ios compatibility mode or obviously nintendo switch since it seems like their main target is switch players.

Who don't want to wear out their freaking joysticks because it's designed for the switch you'll find all the appropriate nintendo specific buttons on the front i did say i would touch on that later as well as a six axis gyroscope inside that gilly kit claims will work just like in pc games without any software configuration or dedicated.

Utility i am going to want to try that out oh also it supports amiibo tapping all right those are still a thing okay cool i mean yeah action figures right like sure it occurs to me we should probably have it oh my god the ergonomics of the switch pro controller are not as good the switch pro controller doesn't have.

Analog triggers i haven't played any mario kart this generation what the actual nintendo and this thing is so expensive i guess now's as good a time as any to talk about the price of the king kong 2 pro it's 70 us dollars putting it right in line with first party controllers in terms of pricing and i would say pretty damn in line in.

Terms of the build that's ignoring the hall effect joysticks too man yeah in line or better very little flex good plastics god those are mushy shoulders how do they get away with it charging as much as they do for first party but at least they're not mushy.

Here try this thing yeah like i would take that over over any one of these first party controllers soft trigger sorry i realize i haven't even talked about d-pad is nothing special especially after playing around with the gpd win max 2 which has like the vita style d-pad stop trying to reinvent the d-pad.

It's already been invented okay it's decent though abxy decent length travel not like super wild clicky like the remember those xbox uh compatible razer controllers they did for a bit that had those like hyper clicky abxy dbrand is apparently the sponsor for.

This video and i've been asked to ask what is dbrand doing sent us a game for for us to play a game to play oh my god james is going to join in today i've actually played this before and i'm really good at it so when the music stops be not the last one to push a button.

yeah we both did that's how good i am baby that was it that's the dbrand integration as they zap me i guess you can buy their stickers if you want they make them for all kinds of products like tablets phones laptops game consoles they've got their dark plates for the.

Playstation 5. guys can check them out they have a weird sense of humor ow that hurt theoretically it should work just like a native switch pro controller it even wakes the console theoretically let's just cycle through the modes here to be clear i don't know that this is gilly kit's fault but this has not been a great experience so far okay let's go.

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Come on buddy i don't think that's the right that's not the right one if you look at the instructions close the screen and select grip order seriously that's the one no because you have to uh for certain what the it paired am i the idiot is that no one hears me.

It's just a misunderstanding you know what now i get to embarrass myself in breath of the wild because i haven't touched this damn game in like a thousand years this feels great i like this controller though gyroscope aside i think that they could have a little less friction around the edge of the analog sticks so i do notice a.

Little bit of pull i'd like to see them do better with that i think they've got like a beauty ring like a kind of accent around here that's causing a little bit of friction i think it's the kind of thing that you could easily solve for yourself if you wanted to with like a little bit of like paraffin wax around the outside or something like that you.

Shouldn't have to do that it should just be using delrin or like some kind of self-lubricating material instead so maybe for the king kong 3 pro but ignoring that man do these ever feel good the spring tension is great and one of the benefits of hall effect joysticks i haven't even mentioned yet is that because of their excellent durability.

The manufacturers can trust that zero will stay zero so they tend to have much smaller dead zones you can see i need to make only a slight oh see that the slightest deflection of the joystick and link starts walking so you're fine control way better which may not be as important on the left stick but on the right stick for aiming.

It's a big deal it was immediately noticeable when i upgraded my steam deck to gili kit joysticks oh i guess now's this good a time to mention uh these this is really cool unlike the major first party controllers gili kit provides replacement mechanical buttons so these are for your abx y's as well as keycaps and i don't think they have.

Replacement joysticks yet for this particular controller maybe they are confident that they will never die but they do offer replacement joysticks for the steam deck so i would hope that either those are compatible with their own controller or that they plan to offer replacement ones themselves in the future i love.

Love seeing additional repairability make its way into the electronics space they have the sticks themselves but not the joystick box that's hilarious talk about confident man why don't we why don't we try out the gyroscope in one of the pc titles that they claim it will just magically work in now seems like as good a time as any.

To talk about some of the other functions of the controller by using this gear button they call it like ai button doesn't seem very ai to me but it definitely does some cool stuff you can swap the xbay so if you prefer the north american style confirm here back here but you're playing a nintendo or a.

Playstation game then you can just do what's natural for you although it'll definitely cause some confusion if you have to do any kind of button mashing quick time events i would think you can set up basic repeat macros so by holding the gear button and then pressing any of the right shoulder trigger or abx y you can have them repeat up to 20.

Activations per second it has this really weird thing uh like autopilot or something like that where you can pretty much record and then replay like long it's like up to 10 minutes or something like that right like long strings of inputs and this is meant for fine-tuning the repeatability of like.

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Say for example uh some kind of speed run i don't know that that's necessarily in the spirit of speed running depending on how you're doing it but i know that there are cases where speedrunners will use hacks and cheats just to determine the viability of a particular strategy so i could see it being fine for that.

Like hey oh that particular section that's not what i'm focused on right now but i can i can often fail at that let's just blow through that so i can practice the next bit i could see it being useful for that another really cool one is you can adjust the vibration intensity so that's just gear plus or minus yeah.

Plus my sorry it has a plus and minus button so that's really confusing uh gear up or gear down motion sense aim assist on pc cool let's turn it up so we do gear and then left or left trigger by hitting the gear and either.

The shoulder or the trigger you indicate which one you want it to activate the gyroscope when you're holding so if i press gear left shoulder then when i hold the left shoulder the gyroscope will be active and if i press gear left trigger which is what i want for this game then when i hold the trigger so you can see here the.

Gyroscope will be active but when i hold the shoulder oh wait nope it's working with the shoulder as well okay i don't know then oh i might have done both okay yeah so let's turn this one off long vibration is cancel yes okay yes oh well that's cool so you.

Can have them at even different sensitivities if you really want wow that offers a lot of flexibility that's super cool now to be clear like other gyro based aiming schemes it's not meant for you to enter gyro mode and like hold control your controller like this you're still going to be using your.

Right stick for the majority of your course motions it's just for making little adjustments i'm getting some jitter in the side to side up and down feels smooth you can calibrate it you say whoa high sensitivity is very high.

Let's try low sensitivity yeah i feel like i'm going down more than i'm coming up but maybe i just feel like that no i'm coming up more than i'm going down now i mean i'm kind of hovering in about the same spot it just doesn't seem consistent i really like the finish on the top it's.

Like it feels soft to the touch but doesn't appear to be that like rubberized junk that comes off like a soft touch you can customize the sensitivity of the sticks and the triggers that's also through their gear button here it works both wired and wirelessly i guess we didn't mention how long it's supposed to last on a charge.

It's rated for 25 hours and i guess that's all there is to really say about it is it perfect no but it's absolutely embarrassing that it takes a company like gili kit to come out and put high quality joysticks in their controller when we're paying so much for our first party controllers and what i hope is that products like this.

Put pressure on the major controller manufacturers to switch over to this objectively superior joystick technology thanks for watching short circuit and get subscribed

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  1. Don't buy this controller they didn't repair my controller, the analog is ok, but action buttons very bad, sticky and always stuck

  2. Once the controller that came with my series x dies I’m buying this. And I’ll probably throw them in my switch now cause the switch drift is no joke

  3. Got this controller last month. Mine is defective and out of return period (it was a gift). Controller registers many ghost inputs 24/7. I have done calibrations and firmware updtes, no change. Mix of drift and other button pushes registering when nothing is touched. Problem is there is no product support. No warranty. They will not respond. I now have a $70 paper weight.

  4. Okay, I think I found the replacement for using my PS5 Dualsense with Switch emulator. At $70 and including Amiibo support, that is a hell of a deal.
    The only thing I'm wondering about is, does it support Amiibo on emulators?

  5. Okay I'm getting one… Maybe two.. nice!
    Thanks for the video 🙏
    Definetly want a controller that works for pc, steamdeck and Nintendo Switch.
    Hope it works for Asus ally also?
    That would be a dream come true.

  6. This won't put pressure on first party manufacturers to use hall effect. It will put pressure on them to use software to lock out third party controllers.

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