We Ranked (Almost) Every Video Game Controller

We Ranked (Almost) Every Video Game Controller

Has this ever happened to you as gamers our delicate hands are our tools and must be coddled so to protect you from the dangers of carpal tunnel we're gonna undertake the difficult task of holding controllers sculpted by the gods these controllers were made by true artisans with.

Techniques passed down from generation to generation fits like a glove but not the power glove i'm on the edge of glory and i'm hanging on to the memories i'm making with these controllers why though i'd give my little brother this.

Controller to make him feel included that doesn't mean he has to be comfortable in fact he shouldn't be no i now have arthritis my hands would simply disintegrate like a thanos snap so we've got all these controllers in front of us so let's get ranking wait people are going to get close-ups of our hands.

i'm kind of feeling this me too oh yeah we're here today oh yeah that's right the gameplay cool let's start with a controller that everyone gamers and non-gamers alike are familiar with the wii mode the wii was the first mainstream motion control console and it really opened up this world of new ways.

Of controlling a game in a way that was just like huh kind of fun you know people use the humble banana as proof of god because of how perfectly it fits in your hand no are you saying that god created the weed to prove that he exists yeah i don't think it's a perfect controller it's a.

Little stabby it's a little hard and i think they improved upon it by having the wii motion plus i'm gonna put this on the edge of glory because of the memories i have created with it gentle oh right next controller i'm gonna pick something that is near and dear to my.

Heart it was our first ever console that my brother and i bought with our own money the playstation one this controller i think was an evolution up until this point the controllers were pretty much flat now we have two bumpers and also we get our first handles and that's pretty much become the standard for controllers nowadays so i think this.

Was close but not quite there the only time i think i've ever played a ps1 is uh when my mom left me in the gaming room at a grocery store i don't have any strong associations with this but i'm gonna be honest feeling it right now this thing's tiny this is stabbing my palms ow this is painful ow i'm gonna literally i have marks on my hands.

Already that's how you know you're a true gamer because my hands are pain yes edge of glory that seems fair does that work is that gonna stay on there let's take things back even further now with one of the earliest home console controllers the atari 2600 this thing is so simple it's got a button and a joystick.

There's something nice about simplicity honestly like there's not much more you could want from the actual functionality of this controller at the time this is all you really needed it's small enough to hold in your hand it's just not pleasant i agree it deserves to stay exactly where it.

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Belongs back in the 70s let's get into a new company microsoft a new company well you know they're a company i love the xbox controller series this controller to me is absolutely perfect it has form functionality it looks sleek it feels good to hold it feels good to.

Touch to press to click more than anyone microsoft has really focused on making their controllers comfortable just feels so good to rub wow that was weird to say out loud feels good in the hands it feels like i feel like i'm massaging my hands while i use this thing.

i like it i just like it this is a big small thing for me that i don't like about the xbox controller is right here batteries this thing uses double a batteries still a great controller still a great controller though great controller but this right here prevents it from being the perfect controller.

It's nearly there this thing fits like a glove next up we have the switch pro when i hold this controller i feel like i'm holding hands right hand with mario left hand with link i'm really bad at smash but when i hold this controller i feel like i might be good at it the best thing about this controller is that every single button feels so good to.

Touch they don't require that much effort to press all the way down this controller i will say is great sculpted by the gods i agree that's a nest here no this is my controller i can't actually don't break it i can't break this one and then there's this the joy con joy-con brings me great joy.

And many cons look there's the pro and the con whoa it comes with the switch and that's really cool and that's about all the things i have to say about it dakota there's not that many problems with it like there's obviously like it's a little small like a little stabs you a.

Little bit and like there's maybe a little bit of drifting on the sticks when you have both of them on the switch itself it's fine to play handheld it's not perfect but like they're really not great there are a lot of third-party options that like make the grip bigger if i'm playing say mario kart i'm taking the pro controller and guess who's.

Getting the joy-con me because this is my hot take mario kart i do better with this i was gonna say my little brother who's fictional i guess i'm your little brother in this scenario sure i think you are older than me i think you're open to me i think you're old you're older than me i'm pretty sure i don't know let's transport ourselves back to a.

Simpler time the early 2000s a time when maybe dwayne the rock johnson would be presenting a video game conference where they announced the xbox the original xbox controller i just immediately want to want to say why though why it's so big why the buttons shaped the way that they are why do i feel like a baby when i hold this i played this when i was a.

Kid i was seven years old when the xbox originally came out imagine a seven-year-old holding this we can't put this into the category of i give my little brother this to make him feel included only because a little brother couldn't hold this we both know where this goes yeah please do the honors.

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But why though next controller we're going to talk about is the nintendo 64 controller it's interesting people often wonder how do you hold this controller and it's actually really simple all you have to do is you take one of your hands and put them on one side of the controller then you take your other hand and put it on the other side of the.

Controller then you take your middle hand and you stick that right there the middle stick it's not that hard yeah this isn't very good and really it just leaves me asking like why they do this oh why though yeah it's a y though that's a why though the next controller we're going to talk about.

Is a terrible one the power glove and that's the power of glove this thing is so uncomfortable not only is like the wrist and forearm portion of it digging into my skin but just like what the hell is going on it's on the wrong hand if i wanted to play a game i'm not left hand coordinated what the hell is this.

This is stupid i need your help taking this thing off it's like let me put this on strap in power up this feels like a cast that i'm gonna need after i break my wrist while trying to play with the power glove after wearing this i think i might have arthritis while the power glove may have been a little misguided it wasn't the.

Only way to control an nes there was also of course the nes controller this thing very simple you got a little d-pad you got a and b start and select that's it for the time that was complex i do really like how it looks it fits the design aesthetic that was like really going on back in the 80s my hands.

Have been destroyed after years of playing i know my hands are suffering and they would continue to suffer if i were to continue playing this i think this might be little brother material up next is the super nintendo it's an evolution of the nes in that it's kind of amazing the evolution of just adding two more buttons and the triggers.

The super nintendo where nintendo learned that you can make things rounded and it's more comfortable it's got its flaws but it's it's getting there that right there that's on the edge of glory now let's move on to nintendo's direct competition at the time the sega genesis the boomerang.

Which why why let's go to another high tier at least in my opinion the dual sense it's kind of like an insane controller in terms of like what you actually get with it my favorite thing about it is the tiny details that you can see on the backs of the.

Controller you can actually see little x's squares triangles and circles on the controller i just love that detail i think that just adds like so much to the aesthetic of what the ps5 is trying to be i can't get a ps5 but i can take the controller this controller has one thing i've never seen before in any other.

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Controller resistance in the triggers it feels great when you're spiderman you're swinging through the streets and you have resistance when you shoot out a web when you're playing horizon zero dawn and you pull your bow back and there's like oh that's it's just tough i don't know who sony uh you know got in contact with of.

The gods kratos oh obviously i don't have a lot to say about the dualshock 4 controller it's really good it's just not as good as the dual sense yeah that's it probably fits like a glove how do i wear this so what you actually have to do is you're just gonna have you ever had a dream.

No it's really sad i know well here i'll give you a dream cast the analog stick is terrible it does not feel great on my thumb why is the cord at the bottom whoever designed this controller watched one too many episodes of star trek and then decided they wanted to make a tricorder.

And a phaser and also a game controller in one thing and it looks like a cd walkman from 2001. if i had a little brother and i really didn't want him to win the game we were playing i'd i'd give him this i'd also give it to my little brother he's going down one way this is a controller that i think i might have used the most in my life yeah.

For sure gamecube gamecube it holds a very fond place in my heart and many hearts and many hearts and minds and fingers it's got all the right sticks in all the right places it's the most asmr of all the controllers we've talked about today it sounds like a mechanical keyboard had.

A baby with a game controller i love this controller it means just like so much to me i love smash i've been playing smash when i didn't know who i was and that brings us to our last controller a controller that we all have with us all the time have you ever heard the slogan you.

Are the controller the xbox connect if we were to say to you that the human body was not more ergonomic than an xbox controller you would scoff at us you would laugh at us if anything is sculpted by the gods it's the human body the kinect is the most validating the most beautiful the most ergonomic game controller that's ever.

Existed on cod screeners it's clear that these companies learn from their past mistakes and over time have built better and better devices there are going to be controller designs that we can't even imagine yet thank you so much for watching let us know if you agree with our tier list and.

What different controllers you would add to this and where you'd put us next week where we will be ranking naruto intros based on how pumped up they get us

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  1. Trash. How can you knock the series x controller down for AAs? I’m sorry, but I’ll be swapping out batteries while you’re on your way to go replace your whole controller with a shot battery. Gtfo

  2. You forgot the 360 controller, Xbox One controller, original Xbox s controller, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 (yes there’s slight differences), Wii Pro Controller, Wii U and Wii U Pro controller, and that’s only the notable first party controllers.

  3. As far as build quality and innovation Nintendo is always going to win this battle. But I truly have a soft spot for the original Xbox controller not the S the very first ones.

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