DIY Review: GULIKIT DOCK KIT NINTENDO SWITCH, Mau docking Switch yang lebih kecil?pakai Dock Kit ini

DIY Review: GULIKIT DOCK KIT NINTENDO SWITCH, Mau docking Switch yang lebih kecil?pakai Dock Kit ini

Today we will review a Nintendo Switch dock kit from Gulikit Nintendo Switch comes with a dock in the purchase package but not a few feel that this dock feels too big and less practical to carry around This default docking also cannot be replaced with 3rd party docking For security reasons this can result in your switch going into brick mode or completely dead and unusable.

Luckily there is a product from Gulikit that can move the circuit board from the default docking to this smaller Gulikit docking case Next for the product Packaged in a brown hard cardboard that makes the product feel like a component spare part product minimal writing or explanation starting from the front, to the back On the inside, the docking parts look neatly.

And securely arranged in a white plastic mold equipped with 1 screwdriver with a Y tip and 6 for bolts the docking itself consists of 2 parts, a case and a cover The docking cover is equipped with an adhesive rubber sheet which will later become the base of the docking then the docking container section, in this section the circuit board of the default docking will be placed For how to install it, explained with color pictures in the manual The first step, prepare the default docking Nintendo Switch.

That we will take the circuit board on the back of the default docking there are 8 Y bolts that must be removed After all the screws are removed gently lift the back docking cover and you can see the circuit board is attached to the lower end of the dock The next step, remove the flexible cable attached to the circuit board in this cable socket.

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How, lift the socket lock then lift and pull the flexible cable from this socket once released, gently press the 2 locking boards while lifting the circuit board After the circuit board is lifted gently turn and disconnect the led wire in this white socket without a lock, just pulled with a little force The next step is to take the docking part of the container prepare the flexible cable.

And attach it to the flexible socket by pushing it then close the socket lock Position the circuit board with the ports in the holes and put some pressure on it Don't worry about the flexible cable this cable can be pressed a little to make it more flat with the surface of the board after that take the docking cover cover the container with 6 Y bolts that have been prepared.

Then, take the adhesive rubber sheet and attach it to the bottom of the docking With a thickness of 3 cm, length and width of about 9 cm making this Gulikit dock much smaller than before its placement becomes more practical, does not take up space and is easy to carry around While functionally like the default Nintendo Switch docking it can be ensured that it is safe and functions very well The position of the port on the back of the dock.

Is also ensured to be the same as the default docking so that the use of dongle or adapter will not be a problem And for those of you who use a joycon replacement controller such as the Hori Split Pad Pro this Gulikit docking will not be a barrier Even though the controller fits snugly on the bottom the Nintendo Switch is still perfectly connected to this dock Charging and visual to TV no problem Made of hard ABS plastic, the quality is quite standard but good.

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The USB Type C port sticks firmly and doesn't wobble Given a cover with a magnet making this docking can be closed completely and can be opened when needed Unfortunately there is no hinge on this cover However there are some things that need attention Its small size is definitely not able to support the Nintendo Switch perfectly unlike the default docking which has a rail on the inside.

To make it easier for the Nintendo Switch to be placed In this Gulikit docking you have to place the port hole on the Nintendo body correctly with the USB Type C in the dock and I think because I'm not used to it, it's quite difficult In addition to its small size the weight of this dock also feels very light with the lock on the USB Type C port at the bottom of the Nintendo body.

Making this docking lift when you want to release it Priced at around 200 thousand Rupiah (US$ 10) this Gulikit dock kit is worth buying for those who really want a dock that is smaller safe and practical to carry around even if you want to return to the default docking only need to move back the circuit board Thus our review today for the Nintendo Switch dock set from Gulikit if you have any questions, please write them in the comments column.

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  1. punya saya klo dipakai kadang tv nya kedip kyk sambungan nya putus nyambung itu kira" knp ya? pcb saya pakai pindahan dri dock yg asli

  2. Lah, gue beli Gulikit liat dari video ini, harga 260an ribu di tokped, tapi pas dateng kardusnya bagus kayak box jam tangan gitu. Terus udah ada sirkuitboard dan socket-socketnya. Gimana dah hahaha.

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