KeePass tutorial & review | Best FREE password manager in 2022?

KeePass tutorial & review | Best FREE password manager in 2022?

Keepass is a rare fruit both free and an open source password manager and it's extensively supported by its community but it's not the easiest app to get used to so maybe it's time we do a thorough keypass review and also provide a more detailed keepass tutorial hey my name is mike and you're watching the cyber news channel let's dive in.

First things first let's get some biases out of the way shall we i actually adore keepass's core elements its security and privacy measures are not only time proven but open for every specialist to check making it a surprisingly transparent service i love transparency and you can get key pass for free and for a free password manager it offers a.

Nice platter of options i'm honestly surprised to see a free password manager with such a cutting edge encryption algorithm like cha cha 20 or even a very customizable password generator i mean this thing has probably the most control over generating a password than i've seen in any other password managers now there might not be as many features.

In the basic app but users have created over a hundred different plugins for keepass over the years and the community just keeps expanding the variability and possibilities of these plugins it's great special shout out goes to that community seriously since there's no live chat or even email support community members are.

The ones helping each other on its huge forum all dedicated to the key pass password manager now you can also find a detailed database of self-help articles and a wiki all created by users for users and those are the upsides some of them so reminiscent of the early 2000s oh they just make me a little bit giddy inside.

Y2k but now it's time to take off the rosy glasses and let's get into a keepass tutorial for any of you more newbie users which unfortunately is also the negative for this review because oh boy this password manager can get comp located there's usually less complications in premium password.

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Managers so i will leave a couple of discounts for other premium options in the description in case you decide that a ui quirk that you find in this video makes keepass a no-go for you all right first thing you got to do is get keepass just navigate to their website and if this looks old to you then yeah it is.

This is the official website straight out of 2003 and it certainly has this ruffled school i t feel to it doesn't it now for an inexperienced user this ui will look confusing at first especially if you're used to a more modern app look but don't be discouraged or dissuade i'm here to explain to you how to use keepass so let's just keep going.

Okay you can find the download section easily enough and it leads to the english version download page for windows mac os and linux unfortunately there are no official keepass android or ipad ios ports yet but there are plenty of community related ones even though they all work well i would prefer an official port i mean it's just a little.

More trustworthy in general now as for the desktop version two options are available versions 1.40 and 2.50 the difference between them is listed on a separate page but i'll help you choose here pick the most recent one it's the best password manager version i've tested both and the old one is very limited so.

Can't recommend picking that one after downloading installation is simple as long as you're on windows just follow the steps but if you're using mac os or linux you're going to need a separate keypass installation guide now it's after the installation where things are going to get a little more challenging keepass has a very old.

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School user interface and i consider that to be its main downside but don't worry though i'll run you through the core elements to create your first database you're going to need to click file and choose where to keep the encrypted file with all the passwords after that set up a master password or make a key file in the expert options.

Just keep in mind that you won't be able to access the database without it so i recommend backing up that file somewhere just to be extra safe after setting up the password let's choose a name for your database and explore other settings i personally always look for the best encryption algorithm to use but you can also check compression and deletion.

Settings once you've configured everything press ok and agree to print or skip the emergency sheet this sheet will contain all the emergency info you might need for first time users yep i recommend that you print that bad boy out however i don't understand why this couldn't just be a text file or something printing just seems so a bit.

Archaic to me when it comes to cyber security okay so now you have your database with a couple of sample entries to add a new password just right click on the empty space and choose new entry then input all the info as you can see keepass is pretty basic ui and ux wise but you can add more features via the plugins i recommend using at least the.

Two-factor authentication plugin and the browser import plugin for security and convenience even though you can easily add plugins with additional features getting used to this kind of app when you don't have experience with it is actually kind of hard keepass is definitely not as user friendly as many other password managers.

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And that's probably why i'm going to recommend a couple of password managers that don't require additional plugins or installations to give you good security and usability so these are my two key pass alternatives comparing keepass to nordpass for example nord has all the security features keypass offers and not only.

Those but even biometric and multi-factor authentication options there's a data breach scanner autofill and a lot more besides having a clear and user-friendly ui it's also one of the more affordable password managers around another great option is keeper not key pass but keeper when comparing keepass to keeper you'll see that it's.

Keeper who supports all major platforms and offers a huge list of extra features but it also introduces a secure messaging system with self-destructing messages it's a very secure app with the only downside being a little bit in the pricey side but you can still get discounts for these premium password.

Managers and not only just those so hey just check the links in the description to find out more final thoughts here keepass is probably the best free password manager with an almost spotless reputation unbeatable transparency but it is very technical and it can be a complicated approach to providing an essential service.

Especially if you're not used to it so if you consider yourself tech savvy yep you're gonna have a field day figuring out all the neat plugins and all the things you can do with keepass if you're more of a casual user well i'm actually gonna recommend looking toward a more user-friendly option with some extra features as well hey thanks for watching.

Our video i hope you're keeping your passwords and yourself safe these days it is nuts out there all right i'll see you soon in the next one in fact till then

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  1. The description says "tutorial" but the guy only shows how to install it and then instead of showing how to use it (as the word "tutorial" implies) he proceeds to advertise 2 alternative password managers. Pathetic!

  2. Yea I agree with other's comment, this isn't a tutorial. Well you do realize that using keypass is a little bit complicated, that's why I'm clicking your video in the first place, TO KNOW HOW TO USING IT PROPERLY. But you just advertising other password manager instead.

    Because you can't even see the dislike count, +1 dislike from me.

  3. I'll add another dislike. This wasn't a tutorial. It was a brief overview mostly designed to bash keepass for looking old. Because you can't get affiliate money from keepass and getting paid was the only motivation behind this video. Otherwise you would have listed more than just the two alternatives you happened to have affiliate deals with.

  4. What a stupid app. Why I need to copy and paste my passwords? I can use a notepad to copy and paste all my passwords, why do I need an app for that? I thought this app would open all my applications and urls and paste all my usernames and passwords automatically ! If these type of apps do not do that, then I'll install them. What a waste of time… copy and paste… duh!

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