PS5 DualSense EDGE vs Xbox Elite Controller

PS5 DualSense EDGE vs Xbox Elite Controller

Foreign there's something about a premium first party controller that's really appealing it's nice to have all of the features of a third-party controller but in the body of a first party controller there's barely any third-party controllers for.

The PlayStation 5 anyway there's like two that I can think of off the top of my head and both of those are very expensive even this is very expensive this is the Dual sense Edge it's PlayStation's answer to the Xbox Elite controller eight years later it's almost exactly the same it has basically everything that an Xbox Elite controller.

Has with the addition of interchangeable thumbsticks this was a direct response to controller drift remember that we talked about that a week ago Nintendo wasn't the only one to suffer from drift PlayStation did also it's just that Nintendo's was more widespread the Dual sense Edge allows you to easily swap out the thumb sticks if you do succumb to.

This drift and it's remarkably easy to swap them out there's a release on the back which shoots off the glossy black bit around the thumbsticks then there's clearly visible levers on the thumbstick that you pull up and the thumbstick modules should slide right out it's that easy those replacement modules are on sale now for twenty dollars each and as.

Far as I can tell these thumbsticks are the exact same technology as what's in the original Dual sense controller it's just that now they're in an easily replaceable module I have heard that there's a very specific third-party company that might be working on some whole sensing replacement modules for the PlayStation 5. a company that rhymes.

With Gully kit wait otherwise this thing is literally the exact same as an Xbox Elite controller it comes in a nice case to hold all your extra trinkets complete with a charging hole at the top it comes with a long braided USB a to USBC cable removable back paddles and thumbstick Toppers of.

Varying Heights one thing that it comes with that the Xbox controller does not is this USB cable lock you put the USB C cable inside this little mechanism and it will lock itself to the top of the controller so no amount of pulling will impede your gameplay as long as you have the grip for it foreign.

I guess this is a way to protect the cable from bending or fraying in a weird way although I guess it could just bend or Fray in a different spot also it's kind of good for helping protect the USBC Port otherwise I think this is excessive at best and more dangerous at worst is basically the opposite of magsafe you're basically guaranteeing.

That your controller will go crashing to the ground if you tug the cable a little bit I think if you're gonna spend your money trying to fix this problem you should probably think about something like a magnetic connector like magsafe or something as simple as those Breakaway cables that the Xbox 360 and original.

Xbox had those were great I just don't see the point of this just let my controller disconnect at the expense of my gameplay I I'd rather protect this 200 device than drop a game for a couple seconds maybe people's USBC cables get loose Breakaway cables would help prevent that because that part could be more replaceable than this or just make.

This a replaceable module how about that I love the idea of a charge hole so it can stay protected in its case while it's charging it's a significantly less elaborate mechanism than the XBox charging situation which has a little mini charging dock on the inside of the case it's nice that Xbox design doesn't leave a lot of the controller exposed.

While charging but the controller did come misaligned on the dock inside sometimes while trying to get it to charge so I guess the differences there are negligible the additional thumbsticks are all domed which is an interesting choice this means you can't change the original top while changing the height of the sticks the heights.

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Also aren't that drastically different either whereas Xbox gives you the Omega step the back pedal options are a nice touch however you're only able to have two on the back not four like the Xbox controller I actually don't mind this four is a bit excessive the Half Dome back buttons feel almost like just.

Having the two top back pedals on the elite controller I actually really like the way these Half Dome paddles feel they're very clicky and since the domes are so close to the fulcrum they feel incredibly responsive they default to the X and circle buttons it actually took me a bit to figure out how to remap them.

And it's actually exactly as I feared you cannot remap the back paddle buttons at all without a PlayStation 5. you have to do it in the PlayStation 5 controller settings and it took me a while to figure that out because it doesn't even say it in the manual that the controller comes with it points you to a website for more information on that.

You'd think you'd be able to do it with these two giant function buttons on the bottom here but nope those are for switching profiles and other hotkey stuff like lowering volume an app is also required to change the back buttons of an elite controller but at least Xbox also has a PCF PlayStation does not so you need a PlayStation 5 in order to.

Access this feature of the controller this sounds like a non-issue for PlayStation fans but I bring this up because a lot of people do use their dual sense controller with the computer in fact the first thing I did with this controller was plug it into my PC because I wanted to play Hi-Fi Rush which is an XBox exclusive I needed to.

Download DSX for this to work which is a great app for customizing the Dual sense controller for a PC but it's not yet set up for the Dual sense Edge I mean it can do everything that a regular dual sense can but you still need to configure those back buttons on an actual PS5 the first time I plugged this into the PS5 it didn't work I had to use one of.

My older controllers first update that and then update the PlayStation 5 then it was able to recognize this controller after two more attempts and I kind of understand why they were so vague in the instruction manuals because when you plug this in it gives you like a little walk through guide and it shows you the settings and how you can make custom.

Profiles and how you can assign those profiles I changed my back paddles to be square and the right thumbstick click because that helps with melee attacks and Call of Duty you can also mess around with like all of the other buttons and stuff but that's not different than a regular dual sense controller.

The triggers have three adjustable stop Heights which again is exactly like Xbox using anything but the deepest height will fully disable the triggers haptic feedback so keep that in mind when you're playing a PlayStation 5 exclusive that utilizes this feature you'll be completely missing out if you change this setting I very much do not like the.

PlayStation 5 trigger design they're very deep being able to switch to an almost hair trigger is a very nice touch however it still doesn't feel like a hair trigger it still has a lot of travel for sure more than an Xbox at its shallowest otherwise that's pretty much it for the features of the Dual sense Edge controllers everything else is.

Pretty much exactly the same as an original Dual sense controller it's almost got the exact same footprint as it original Dual sense controller I'd bet a lot of the same accessories would work you can even probably do a lot of the same modifications like change out the front face plate probably the back is a little different it's shaped.

Different but it has the same kind of texture which fun fact is rough because it has little mini PlayStation symbols etched into it the inside of the grip has a new rubberized material but I'm not messing around when I say it's the same footprint it fits in the same form fitting case that I have for the original.

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Almost I don't know what's stopping it from closing all the way but I mean it closes it's just tight and it does still work on one of those official charging docks I just don't have one to test it on but I saw people doing it online and it's got little connectors here for it and everything when it was first announced people were not happy because.

It doesn't look all that much different than an original or more premium see I tricked it this is actually the old one the the new ones right here the original isn't the prettiest thing either some color options would have been nice to see the buttons and the touchpad are black this time and the black part around the thumbsticks has a.

Cheap looking glossy plastic finish I hated this in the reveal but I actually don't mind it in person I actually think this is a pretty nice premium looking controller I just wish it had some more personality I would have loved some more color options considering how dirty my OEM PlayStation 5 controller is already white isn't the.

Best option and I barely have any hours on my PlayStation 5. one of the major concerns I'm hearing about this new dual sense Edge controller is the battery life a normal dual sense controller has 11 to 12 hours of battery life supposedly this new dual sense Edge supposedly only has four this compromise was made so they can fit.

More Tech into the controller so I guess they had to make the battery smaller in order to keep the same footprint of the original Dual sense controller this is gonna be a problem for a lot of people but it's not so much a problem for me because four hours of play time seems like a lot also if you care about buying one of these two hundred dollar.

Controllers you probably care about getting the best quality gameplay out of it possible and in that case why not just wire your controller that way you can get the fastest response time possible with the least amount of input lag and you won't have to worry about your controller dying during a match so I did some digging usually wired.

Connections have less input lag and it's still probably better to have it wired because you remove any possibility of interference but it turns out a Reddit user did some very in-depth testing about 2 two years ago and he determined that there is almost no difference at all between a wired connection and a wireless connection on an original Dual.

Sense controller so I'd assume the same thing is going to happen here so maybe the convenience of Wireless is worth it to you I play so close to my device that it doesn't really matter to me are you done yet so I actually do like this controller a lot I'm a little biased because I do think that the PlayStation 5 controller.

Is the worst layout and the least comfortable controller of all of the first parties out right now I just don't like having the thumb sticks down here at all I do like where the d-pads at it's just too bad I would never use this controller for a 2d game because I'm not really playing 2D games on a PlayStation 5. it's not really the place for that.

Also on all the other consoles I have so many other controller options that are way more catered For d-pads and 2D stuff this d-pad does get a lot of Praise from fighting game people for having the buttons separated which is ridiculous because they're not separated at all look when I press down the up button moves it's still a regular d-pad just.

Mushier it's less satisfying with the Dual sense Edge accomplishes its goal of being a more premium version of the Dual sense controller it's for competitive Gamers to give them an edge I just got it it's customizable in a lot of ways that matter to a lot of people but it's that price that's really the issue here a regular dual sense.

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Controller costs seventy dollars which is already a lot for a controller the Dual sense Edge costs 200 and that's actually a pretty competitive price point the only other PlayStation 5 controllers that are even on the market are weird and they're also very expensive in some cases even more expensive than that and let's take a.

Look at Xbox for a second you remember those guys that PlayStation ripped off I mean took inspiration from their Elite Series 2 retails for a hundred and eighty dollars so a bit less but you can get it now for a hundred and seventy dollars now we're getting cheaper but if you don't want all of the Gaff that it comes with you can just get.

The core controller itself for a hundred and thirty dollars which is still a lot for a controller it's it's over a hundred dollars but that's gonna make this premium controller more accessible for a lot more people you also Can't customize the colors at all at least not like you can with an.

Elite controller never mind that this controller cost me two hundred and twenty dollars so I think the price point of the Dual sense Edge is the most damning thing about this controller even if it is a competitive price point at least in the PlayStation 5 ecosystem it is not if we're comparing it against Xbox's offerings.

But some people love the PlayStation layout more for stuff like Shooters I think the Dualshock 4 was a lot of people's go-to for Warzone even on PC they were using the Dualshock 4 controller maybe this will make some of those players finally make the jump from the dual shock 4 over to the Dual sense Edge just keep in mind if you're one of.

Those people that you can't remap the back buttons without a PlayStation 5. so if you don't have one you're gonna need to buy this and also a whole PlayStation 5 to get those back buttons to work if the PlayStation layout is what you're after this might be the best controller you can buy and I hope easily swappable thumbsticks become a standard in future.

Controllers because that's going to be the first thing to go when these controllers get old this thing isn't going to make you love the Dual sense if you don't already love your dual sense this is for PlayStation fans and with that in mind it's definitely the best PlayStation controller you can get today although they do make pink ones.

So you guys think about the new dual sense Edge PlayStation finally making an elite style controller for their consoles when would it be worth it at all to spend all that much leave it in the comments below add me on Twitter and any and all this other social media garbage you know I'm usually playing PlayStation stuff for their first party.

Stuff I don't see the need for a premium style controller for playing like a third person narrative game anyway I stream over on slash wolf then all the time I streamed me unboxing and playing around with this thing you can support me over there if you have Amazon Prime you can link it to your Twitch.

Account and that's a free subscription every month it's a free way to support me and you get no ads when you watch the twitch stuff anyway don't worry about that the most important thing you can do to help support this channel is just subscribe right here thank you so much I love you so much and share this video with a.

Friend a friend who maybe has a PlayStation 5 and 200 burning a hole in their pocket thank you very much have yourself a good week

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  1. I have a dualsense edge and I love it. I'm a console only player so I have a ps5 and when being a ps5 owner it's nice being able to change button mapping in a menu on the console so I can easily see what is mapped to what. And the battery life is closer to 6-8 hours for me.

  2. PS5 controller is expensive but I only use Sony controller and needed back buttons( didn't want to rip apart the original to attach back buttons for ~30$ from 3rd companies attachments). Still cant configure the sensitivity like I used ps4 controller with back buttons, feeling the difference on FPS game. Liked mostly drifting problem solved, swap for new one stick. Don't need to send it to repair or something else, just swap it. Only using it on PS5 so no hard feelings for now

  3. Both my regular DualSense controllers the D-pad became overly mushy very quickly. All I want is a Playstation layout controller as far as the sticks go, but with a good quality floating D-Pad (exactly like a Sega Saturn one).

  4. The swapping sticks is a win for me. I have 2 elite controllers with stick drift. Also the you van over click ps5 controllers and Xbox controller are locked to over clocking. Also DSX has updated to remap the rear buttons.

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