Best ad blocking software

Best ad blocking software

Browsing the Internet, especially english-spoken websites, is often associated with the fact that we are literally flooded with ads from all sides. Banners, contextual ads, popups, videos. How to block unwanted advertisements on your computer from your web browser?

It is worth remembering that ads allow websites to survive, so it’s worth leaving them unblocked on websites that we really value and where ads do not take up 80% of the visible screen area.

Blocking unwanted ads allows us to slightly speed up the Internet, as well as speed up the browser, which will not have to load these ads.

Ad blocking programs

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocker extensions, it can be installed for browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. ABP is easy to install and has a built-in filter list to block unwanted ads as well as potential malware. You can also choose to display only low-disturbing ads.

uBlock Origin

uBlock is an equally popular browser plug as AdBlock Plus, but it is distinguished by even greater speed and less resource consumption of computer components. According to the developers, it uses up to 1/10 of the CPU compared to the competition and a bit less RAM.


AdAway is probably the best ad blocker app for Android phones that needs to be rooted. It is a free application that blocks ads at the host file level, saving a lot of resources, internet bandwidth and phone battery. AdAway is not available on Google Play, you have to install it from a trusted F-Droid, for example.

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If we are looking for an even more advanced solution to block all ads, AdGuard may be a good choice. Available for Windows, Mac, Andoid, iOS, and as a plug-in for the most popular browsers. It has tons of configurable options for blocking ads, content and tracking on websites, as well as parental controls (blocking content not suitable for children).

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