“The End of Joy-Con Drift”

“The End of Joy-Con Drift”

According to UK consumer advice Group which that that's the name of the group 40 of joy-cons that are out there on the market right now suffer from joy-con drift that's a remarkably High failure rate drift is when your joy-con likes to favor a particular direction the thumbstick will kind of drift in that.

Way sometimes this can be fixed with a simple calibration in the switch's OS but a lot of times it's a hardware fault a degradation of the hardware that requires repair to Nintendo's credit they will fix your joy-con for free they'll even pay for shipping and everything they won't even require a proof of purchase the only.

Issue with that is that if you have like special edition joy-con like for example these Zelda ones that I have right here you might not necessarily get these back they might send you back some generic joy-con show so if you have any other joy-con other than white gray or neon it might not necessarily be safe to send your joy-con in for repair the way.

Joy-con thumbsticks work is they move a metal pin that rubs against the little graphite pad on the inside of the stick over time this graphite wears down this removes some of the pressure necessary for the thumbstick to register an input and it also spreads the graphite dust around making the whole mechanism less accurate so joy-con drift is caused by a.

Major flaw in the design of the joy-con but controllers have been designed this way for years and we haven't had a problem until now right well we have it just hasn't been as rampant as it has been in the joy-con the only way to definitively fix joy-con drift is to completely redesign the thumbstick of the joy-con let's use a completely.

Different technology here that hopefully won't rub off and Gully kit has done just that they're the guys that made the King Kong Pro 2 controller we talked about a while back they're really championing this whole sensing Technology Hall sensing or hall effect sticks they're the same thing use magnets to determine what.

Direction the thumbstick is facing so nothing should be rubbing against each other it shouldn't drift like their website claims Hall sensing contactless mechanism no wear and tear anti-stick drift and durable now you gotta take this with a grain of salt it's still a moving plastic part just because there's magnets in here doesn't mean that it's.

Magic everything deteriorates eventually all sensing sticks will wear down just not as quickly as your original joy-con probably would hopefully by the time that it does wear down you'll be on to your switch 3 or something Gully kit had this Hall sensing technology in the King Kong Pro 2 they they also put it in the Aya Neo air they also made the hall.

Sensing sticks for the 8-Bit do ultimate controller and they also made these steam deck replacement sticks now they have straight up replacements for the joy-con that look just like joy-con thumbsticks which is great news for anybody who has drift currently it's thirty dollars for a pair or 55 dollars for two pairs which is what I.

Got it also comes with all of the tools that you need to do the repair let me just double check that that's actually the price and it's currently unavailable on Amazon it was over on AliExpress you should just check the link in the description and see if it's there it came with some plastic tweezers a little plastic prying guitar pick.

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Looking thing a tri-tip and Phillips head screwdriver with Magnetic tips and thumbstick toppers for some reason I got them on Amazon and I'll have Amazon affiliate links to everything that I use in the description below including this blue screw holder desk mat and this motorized screwdriver that everybody keeps asking me about thirty dollars is.

Kind of a lot for some replacement joy-con thumbsticks you can find some replacement thumbsticks even on Amazon for just ten dollars but I guess the difference here is that these should never drift again the actual replacement is super easy to do I performed the replacement on my girlfriend's launch day joy-con that.

Supposedly had drift I could only recreate the drift on the right stick it heavily lagged when snapping the thumbstick from a right input back to Center in all honesty this probably could have been fixed very easily with a simple recalibration in the switches OS but this is treating the symptom and not the cause it would probably happen again.

And it would probably just get worse and worse the more the thumbstick deteriorated now I've done joy-con shell swaps in the past and they're largely a huge pain in the ass the joy-con are so small with such small components and all this technology tightly packed in there luckily you don't have to disassemble the joy-con that much I did this with no.

Tutorial at all you got four tri-tip screws on the outside three normal screws holding this middle piece and two screws holding the actual thumbstick in I only removed these two ribbon cables I'm sure other people would advise you to remove all ribbon cables that are dangling off because they are very delicate and very easy to tear but.

They're also really annoying to reattach and I'm a very very lazy so as long as you're careful you should be fine just leaving them attached the ribbon cable to these new joysticks feel a little long they kind of bunch up a little bit but it all works just fine my twitch chat was telling me that spawn wave said that the new Gully kit sticks are a.

Little thinner so it does move around a little more Maybe by like a hair but I didn't really notice a difference in that way I ended up using the provided tweezers to position the little tiny screws and to mess around with the ribbon cables I also used their screwdrivers at times because the magnetic tips did help with.

The tiny screws as well my fancy motorized screwdriver doesn't have magnetic tips after you put the new sticks in you have to perform a stick calibration otherwise they'll be way off the Gully kit sticks definitely feel different it's not a large difference but it is noticeable there's ever so slightly more resistance.

In the Gully kit stick than there is in the official joy-con and I wouldn't exactly say it's smooth all the way around when pointing in all the different directions maybe that's something that will go away over time once you wear it in also the tops were a little slippery when I first got it but that seems to have worn off after about.

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A day maybe it was just brand new fresh out of the factory and a little slippery anyway I'd say it's still way better than a drifting joy-con my twitch chat also made me aware that there might be a tiny hole in the plastic under the thumbstick cap and there is this could let Dustin I wouldn't be that worried but it is an.

Odd sort of design choice after the calibration on the console itself it feels perfectly fine playing a game it feels no different at all than an actual stock joy-con even if it does feel ever so slightly physically different I did run some tests before and after the replacement and also with some.

Perfectly working joy-con so we can compare testing for drift is a bit of an issue the joy-con are very very sensitive it's the software that kind of compensates for how sensitive they are the calibration tool on the switch OS kind of snaps to cardinal directions and Center it did show obvious drift when it was occurring and that was fixed breath.

Of the wild also showed some obvious drift and so did the Mario Maker level editor and this drift was alleviated with the new Hall sensing sticks I also tried the new sticks in OverWatch because I could turn the sensitivity all the way up and they felt just as good as stock joy-con I also used the joy-con toolkit on PC to show exactly what is.

Happening as you can see the sticks are very sensitive without calibration added to the equation the calibration Smooths things out a lot don't really see a difference between these sticks and actual joy-con sticks at all but I didn't really see much of a difference with the drifting one either maybe a slight variance at a resting.

Position I'm sure if this data was put into a graph it would be a little easier to see the differences I think the moral of the story here is that these Hall sensing joystick for joy-con by Gully kit are a suitable replacement for any drifting thumbstick that you might have in your joy-con how long will it last I'm unable to report on that because I.

Literally just got them if you have drifting joy-con this will definitely fix it for you if you have a particularly special pair of joy-con that is drifting you should definitely consider performing this repair however I would definitely advise against performing this repair as a preventative measure first of all I have a lot of.

Joy-con way more than I should and I've never ever experienced joy-con drift myself that's probably because I almost never actually used joy-con I almost always use some random third-party controllers second they do feel different even if just ever so slightly and we don't even know what the long-term effects of having these sticks.

In here will be Gully kit is championing this whole sensing technology hard they say it will not degrade but that's just not how things work in the real world they also claim that they have patents on this technology but it looks like they only have patents in China and they have a pending patent internationally but no patents here in America and it's.

Unclear on what these patents are even on they're far from the first people to be using Hall sensing technology people have been using Hall sensing sticks for years in video games the Dreamcast had all sensing sticks back in 1999 that was 2 24 years ago gum old I feel as though Hall sensing or hall effect sticks are a new buzzword.

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Made Popular by the fear of joy-con drift in my experience the thumb sticks in third-party controllers are often calibrated a little bit poorly Gully kids King Kong Pro 2 needs to be calibrated to their credit they did do a really good job in the 8-Bit do ultimate controller I don't know how much of that.

Is golly kid and how much of that is 8-bit do just using Hall sensing sticks is not what makes a controller good I will give Gully kit credit where credit is due these thumbsticks seem to be really accurate and the calibration took very well I just want you to be weary when somebody says never drift and Hulk sensing doesn't necessarily mean good.

Controller and non-hall sensing doesn't necessarily mean bad controller either it's just a new technology that's supposed to last longer so if you've got broken joy-con that you don't want to send back to Nintendo or if you're chewing through thumbsticks like crazy for some reason here's a potential fix otherwise keep scrolling.

So what do you guys think about Gully kids new fix for drifting joy-con I'm sure this will solve problems for a lot of you I think the reason why I'm being so harsh is because I don't like the narrative that this is the way that thumbsticks should be forever I think that there'll be new technologies that come out other.

Companies especially first party companies will find new ways to make thumbsticks that won't drift as bad as the joy-con do now it doesn't necessarily need to be magnets or Hall sensing it could be something else leave it in the comments below at me on Twitter and any and all of this other social media garbage don't forget to.

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  1. i always used joycon mode never had drift mom hot new joycon for me (going to give them to me after something important happens )my dad put them out for family use and they are basically all messed up with the drift and the little pins in the corner that are meant to hold the joy on on already chipped i’m so upset

  2. I have gotten drift on 4 out of the 6 Joycons I’ve owned. If you’re not using Joycons frequently, it makes sense that you’d never experience drift, but every stock Joycon will drift eventually. Hall Effect sticks will probably degrade eventually, but all evidence I’ve seen suggests that a Hall Effect stick will likely never drift in our lifetimes. Sure, there may be better stick technology and I think it’s very possible we’ll replace Hall Effect with something else. But for now, Hall Effect is the way sticks should be made right now and until we find better tech. “Never drift” sounds like marketing garbage, but it’s really not. These things are legit.

  3. The replacement process doesn't even seem that bad, considering that I had to replace the joystick on a Quest 2 controller this seems like a cakewalk.

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