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Console Commands in Lobotomy Corporation

Console Commands in Lobotomy Corporation

Console commands in Lobotomy Corporation can be grouped into five categories, each providing a different set of utilities to users. Let’s delve into these categories and explore the commands.


The creatureCommand is a comprehensive set of 7 commands that are related to abnormalities in Lobotomy Corporation. It’s important to remember that abnormality numbers are unique and do not correspond with subject numbers or abnormality IDs, such as 100014. Instead, they are based on the sequence in which the abnormality appeared in the current playthrough. For example, the first abnormality of a playthrough (One Sin, unless modified) would be assigned the abnormality number 1.

Here’s a detailed look at each command:

1. AddCreatureFeeling

This command: creature addfeeling [global or abnormality number] [float] is used to adjust the “feeling” parameter of the abnormality. It appears to be a leftover from the Legacy versions.

2. SubCreatureFeeling

The command: creature subfeeling [global or abnormality number] [float] decreases the “feeling” parameter of the abnormality. It, too, seems to be a vestige of the Legacy versions.

3. SetCreatureObservable

This command: creature setobservable [global or abnormality number] is intended to unlock the Observation work. However, the code seems to be inactive and is also a residue from the Legacy versions.

4. TakePhysicalDamage

The command: creature takephysicaldamage [abnormality number] [damage value] deals RED damage to an abnormality.

5. AddCumulativeCube

This command: creature cakeislie [global or abnormality number] [float] contributes unique PE-Boxes for the abnormality. If it’s a Tool, it adds interaction amount instead. Be mindful that using the global version of the command can inadvertently reduce Qliphoth Counters.

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6. QliportCounterReduce

The command: creature yannokakora [abnormality number] [float] decreases an abnormality’s Qliphoth Counter. However, if the float value is below 0, the Qliphoth Counter increases instead.

7. SuppressAll

This command: creature cryofbanshee delivers a significant amount of damage to all breaching abnormalities. It’s noteworthy that minions (e.g., Queen Bee’s worker bees), unorthodox cases, or Ordeals remain unaffected by this command.

Standard Commands

This collection comprises 22 multifunctional commands designed for varied purposes.

  • AddSystemLog: The syntax standard addsystemlog [string] dispatches your custom text to the system log, but it does not significantly affect gameplay.
  • EnergyFill: With the command standard expectopatronum [float], you can supplement the Day’s energy quota by the specified float amount.
  • AngelaDescMake: By using standard angela [string], you can display your text as if Angela is the speaker, which might create lasting impressions.
  • OpenListWindow: Although the standard agentlist [Sephirah Enum] command is intended to load a department’s roster of agents, the code is currently not operational.
  • AddMoney: The command standard salmonsushi [int] enables you to increment your LOB points by the given integer.
  • InventoryOpen: Executing standard jarvis will unveil the E.G.O equipment list, useful during the management phase for instant agent gear adjustments.
  • EmergencyAdd: By entering standard dragons [int], you can augment the “emergency” value, thereby influencing Emergency levels.
  • DamageInvoking: The standard bang [damage type(R/W/B/P)] [defense parameter] [damage value] command renders a damage effect onscreen.
  • MakeEquipment: Utilizing standard forge [equipment ID] lets you add a duplicate of an E.G.O equipment to your E.G.O inventory, but it cannot exceed a predetermined limit.
  • ActivateOrdeal: Using standard ordeal [int between 0 and 3] will summon a random Ordeal based on the level specified (0 for Dawn, 1 for Noon, etc.). Note that simultaneous Ordeals of the same level cannot be spawned.
  • FullAmmo: Running standard sniperelite instantly replenishes your ammunition.
  • InvokeOverload: The command standard overload [int] enables you to fill the Qliphoth Meltdown meter by the indicated integer amount.
  • Boss: Use standard bossiscoming [Sephirah Enum] to initiate a Sephirah Meltdown, provided all conditions are met.
  • SefiraBossConversation: The syntax standard blahblah [string] lets you exhibit your text as if it were a line spoken by a Sephirah during a Meltdown.
  • WaitingCreature: By entering standard fifo [Abnormality ID], you can append the designated abnormality to the ‘waiting list.’
  • MissionClear: The standard mission [(Sephirah Enum - 1)] command marks the targeted Sephirah’s current Mission as completed.
  • AllocateAgents: Use standard allinone to fill all vacant slots in the deployment phase with randomly selected new hires.
  • RabbitProtocol: Executing standard rabbitprotocol opens the Rabbit Team’s menu, letting you utilize their service prior to unlocking them via the Disciplinary Department’s research.
  • PresentCluster: Running standard merrychristmas provides all agents with 19 E.G.O Gifts. Due to overlapping areas, only eight Gifts will be ultimately equipped.
  • ClearOverload: By entering standard clearoverload, you can instantly resolve Qliphoth Overloads.
  • ClearBoss: With standard checkmate, you can instantly resolve the Sephirah Meltdown.
  • ResearchAll: The standard alldone command enables you to instantaneously acquire all researches. Be aware, this may result in unforeseen outcomes.
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Agent Commands

This group consists of seven commands for Lobotomy Corp, each directly pertaining to agent operations. The agent’s Agent ID represents their recruitment order during gameplay. For instance, the first agent you encounter on Day 1 will have an Agent ID of 1.

  • TakePhysicalDamage: The agent takephysicaldamage [Agent ID] [float] command inflicts HP damage on the designated agent.
  • TakeMentalDamage: With agent takementaldamage [Agent ID] [float], you can deliver SP damage to a specific agent.
  • SuperSoldier: The agent captainlobotomy [Agent ID] [float] command modifies the agent’s HP and SP values to the specified amount.
  • Encounter: By executing agent iamyourfather [Agent ID] [fear level], you can induce fear damage to the agent.
  • AddGift: The agent present [Agent ID] [Gift ID] command assigns a specific Gift to the selected agent.
  • RemoveGift: Using agent theft [Agent ID] [Gift ID], you can detach the given Gift from the chosen agent.
  • DamageForcely: The command agent damage [damage type(R/W/B/P)] [Agent ID] [float] lets you impose any type of damage on the agent.

Officer Commands

This category contains two commands specifically associated with clerks:

  • MakePanicAll: The officer crusio command triggers panic in all clerks.
  • TakePhysicalDamage: Using the officer takephysicaldamage [float] command, you can deal RED damage to all clerks.

Root Command

This category comprises a single command that interacts with the basic features of the game:

  • ChangeLanguage: The root language [language] command allows you to change the game’s language. Use “vn” for Vietnamese, “cn_tr” for Traditional Chinese, “jp” for Japanese, “ru” for Russian, and “kr” for Korean. Note that altering the language will typically return you to the start screen.
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