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Fusion Girl for Fallout 4

Fusion Girl for Fallout 4

Ever imagined a body design natively supporting the revolutionary Extended Skeleton functions and bones in Fallout 4? With the joint efforts of Leito86 and Vioxsis, this seemingly utopian dream has been given life. Our body project of Fusion Girl is more than a mere adaptation; it’s an enhancement on what we felt could be improved for Fallout 4. The groundwork for the body was laid by Vioxsis’s Citrus Body for Skyrim, a design we’ve built upon to meet the needs of our project.

Extraordinary Features of Fusion Girl

Our body project features a distinct Bodyslide and compatibility with CBBE based textures, given the relevant genital textures are incorporated. We’ve incorporated Skinned Genitals (Vagina/Anus) and Skinned Breast/Butt/Belly for the skeleton, effectively raising the bar for body projection design. Our project also takes pride in the Vanilla-styled Nevernude and significantly improved knees, ensuring no disjointed knees when crouching, kneeling, or posing.

Another standout feature is the 3Bone Breast Bounce (3BBB) with OCBP (Ver 1.75+), offering an added layer of realism. We’re currently developing clothing refits for Vanilla and exploring more features to augment the user experience.

Download link for Fusion Girl mod:


To leverage the complete potential of our body project, your system needs to have the ZaZ Extended Skeleton installed.

Additional Requirements for Added Features:

To enhance the functionality, we suggest the following optional tools:

  1. LooksMenu: Empowers you with Morphs and BodyGen
  2. OCBP/OCBPC: Enhances Physics Options
  3. MTM’s OCBP Physics Preset: This is our recommended Physics Preset.
  4. ZBG: We suggest this for LooksMenu BodyGen.
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We aim to push the boundaries of innovation and offer an unrivaled experience with our body project. As we continue to work on clothing refits and more features, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey and redefine what’s possible with body projection in Fallout 4.

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