IPVanish VPN review 2021 | Pros & Cons in all honesty

IPVanish VPN review 2021 | Pros & Cons in all honesty

– Now, it's been a whilesince our last IPVanish review and well, since then, this VPN has added the Wireguard protocol, supposedly faster and more secure than ever. So it makes sense to takeanother look at this service and find out if IPVanish'spros outweighs its cons. (upbeat music) Hey there, I'm Mike. And it's my duty to provide you.

With the most thoroughoverview of IPVanish that YouTube has ever seen. Well, hopefully. Okay, I like to start with the positives. So here we go. Wireguard, yep, as mentioned in the intro, IPVanish used to lack this modern protocol and it makes me excitedthat it's finally here. Sure, I found IPVanish to be quite fast,.

Even when it just had IKEv2for its speedy protocol, but with Wireguard, oh boy, the speeds are reaching newHeights and drop-offs well, they go lower than ever before. Now look, I'm gonna admit, I wasn't a big fan of theon-demand feature before. However, I'm starting tochange my mind a little here. Their introduction of this feature to iOS and Mac iOS is actually cool.

You can choose the caseswhere your VPN connection will turn on or off automatically. Now, while I don't oftenneed a VPN on my home wifi, it turns on by itself the moment I connect to public wifi in my favorite coffee shop, and yes, I probably should cutback on all the coffee, but fortunately with theCyber News VPN discounts, I could get these quality services.

For about the price of a cup of coffee. There's a link in thedescription if you're curious. All right, continuing with the positives, split tunneling, a familiar feature. Is a go-to feature for torrenting as I used to have my VPN connection affect only the torrenting app so that I could use my normalconnection everywhere else, but it can be used withany app in general.

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IPVanish also prevents DNS leaks and since IPVanish's logs policy, or rather no logs policyalso promises that no data is collected so I can expectmy data is gonna stay safe while IPVanish is on. And you bet your sweet, butt I had it on. IPVanish, downloaded onevery one of my devices. And yeah, I kind of havean ungodly amount of them. Since one IPVanish account is enough.

For any number of devices,well, ha I'm covered. It's a pretty uncommonfeature to have an a VPN and an extremely welcome one. Another rather big deal is Sugar Sync. They're encrypted Cloudstorage like Google drive, but cooler and not free,though for the 500 gigabytes of storage protectedby AES 256 encryption, I've found the extra price of Sugar Sync to be quite justified.

It also has a free SOCKS5 proxy,which is a good alternative to using Wireguard for torrenting. While it doesn't apply encryption, it also doesn't reduceyour download speed at all. For protection, IPVanishoffers a kill switch, though there's nothingrevolutionary about it, it just disconnects you from the internet if your VPN doesn't work. And gotta give credit to both IPVanish's.

PC and Mac iOS apps, asthey're equally good. Look, you can't even imagine how bad most Apple VPN apps are. One more beneficial elementis traffic obfuscation. It's not unusual to havestealth tech in a VPN app, but I do appreciate thatit's here in this one. Last point in the positivelist is the price. Ironically, it's alsothe first negative point. Okay, let me tell you how it happened.

For the first period,be it a year or a month, IPVanish is amongst themost affordable VPNs ever, which is a pro. The con is that the price doubles after the first period ends. And if that wasn't enough, the money-back guarantee onlyapplies to the annual plan. Yeah, that kind of sucks. And that's not all, while IPVanish.

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Has plenty of server locations, it only offers around 1900 servers, which is not that impressive. And remember me about a minute ago, talking about Windows and Mac iOS apps being comparable to each other. Well, the iOS IPVanishapp has less features compared to the Android app and there's no split tunneling or.

Or even a kill switch. And me and my with Android, the IP vanish VPN setup guideexplains that the kill switch is available only forAndroid eight and higher. Now, if you're looking for aVPN to enjoy streaming with, it actually wouldn't be my first choice. IPVanish doesn't have dedicatedservers and I was only able to access Netflix and noother streaming platforms. Now, while IPVanish isdisappointing me a little,.

I really hope I'm notdisappointing you at all. And if I'm not, well,then you should consider leaving a like or go subscribe for even more cybersecuritycontent, you know, just for good measure. All right, conclusion time. Yup, IPVanish VPN is a better service now, and that is for sure, it'simproved the performance and it offers good utility features,.

Making it a great choicefor torrenting or for work or anything for yourgeneral protection needs. But it's noticeably weaker on iOS and does not providesupport for streaming, but at least it's affordable enough in the first year you use it, which is a benefit and you canclick this link on the right to get the most up-to-datedeal from IPVanish, discounts baby, you gotta love them.

Okay, I hope you enjoyedthis IPVanish review. I'll see you soon. Oh, and by the way, if you want me to tackle a specific topic, well, then mention itin the comments below. I'm always up for achallenge, see you guys.

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