How to Upgrade to Windows 11 for FREE

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 for FREE

Today I want to show you how you canupgrade to Windows 11 entirely for free, and also whether or not your PC meets the minimumsystem requirements. Obviously it's better if your PC meets these system requirements, but ifit doesn't, there's a workaround. Windows 11 officially released today on October 5th and youcan now upgrade to the release build. All right, let's check this out. Before we upgrade toWindows 11, you'll probably want to check is your computer even capable of running Windows 11.To find out, head to the following website. I've included a link right up above and down below inthe description. Once you land on this website, scroll all the way down to the bottom and thereyou'll see a link with the system requirements. You can manually check that, but it's easier justto download the PC health check app. When you run.

The app, it'll tell you if your PC qualifies. HereI downloaded and opened up the PC health check app and it looks like my pc qualifies. If yourPC does not qualify, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. You have two different options.The first option, you could simply stay on Windows 10. Microsoft has stated that they're going tocontinue supporting Windows 10 through 2025. So that's one option but let's say that you reallywant Windows 11. You can get Windows 11 even if it states that your hardware is not capable ofrunning it and the work around is you download the ISO. When you download the ISO, that'll bypassthese system requirement checks. So are there any downsides? Well Microsoft has stated that youmight not get security or driver updates if you take this path. Now it could be that Microsoftjust said that to limit any liability by saying.

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Hey we'll support all PCs so it's a risk you'llhave to take but there is a path to get Windows 11 and I'll walk you through how you can get theISO at the end of this video. When you upgrade to Windows 11, it'll keep all of your differentapps and files so you shouldn't lose anything. That said though, before upgrading it's alwaysa good idea to make sure that you have a backup in place. You can simply backup all your filesto an external hard drive or as an alternative and probably the easiest approach is to useMicrosoft's OneDrive. That's a cloud storage solution. If you're interested in how OneDriveworks, you can check out the video right up above. With that now all out of the way, let's upgradeto Windows 11. To upgrade to Windows 11, click on your start menu then select settings, then selectupdate and security, and right up at the top.

You should see whether you can upgrade to Windows11. Simply click on download and install and it'll take a few hours, but at the end of that, you'llhave Windows 11. If your PC qualifies and you don't see a download and install option or if yourPC doesn't qualify, head to the following website. I've included a link right up above andonce again down below in the description. On this website, you have three different optionsfor installing and upgrading to Windows 11. The first one uses an assistant. This is probablythe easiest path to take to install Windows 11. I'd recommend going with that approach. The secondoption allows you to create installation media. So let's say you want to have a USB stick thatyou can use to install Windows 11 on a machine, you can go down that path. And the thirdoption is to create an ISO. So if let's say.

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Your hardware does not support or is not capableof running Windows 11, you can go down this path. When you download an ISO, it'll just be a filewith the extension .ISO. You can then click on that file and that'll kick off the installationprocess. All right, well hopefully you were able to upgrade your PC to Windows 11. To watch morevideos with the best tips and tricks on Windows, check out the playlist right up above. Also pleaseconsider subscribing and I'll see you next time.

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