Hamachi Relayed Tunnel Fix 2021 – Hamachi Minecraft Server

Hamachi Relayed Tunnel Fix 2021 – Hamachi Minecraft Server

Here's how to fix a relayed tunnel blue iconin LogMeIn Hamachi. Make sure both users experiencing the problemdo the following steps to ensure the connection is fully completed. We are going to allow the Hamachi Client TunnelingEngine access through our firewall so proper connections can be made. We need to navigate to the Hamachi installationfolder. Here's how to find where that is. In the Hamachi program, click “System” then”Preferences.” Select the Settings tab on the left, select”Advanced settings” and scroll down until.

You find “Installation folder” under the DiskLocations category. Click on this and copy the file path. We'll need this in a little bit. Go ahead and close out of this window, thenopen your start menu, click “Settings”, “Network & Internet”, then “Windows Firewall” downat the bottom. Select “Allow an app through firewall” andclick the “Change settings” button near the top. Then we're going to click “Allow another app..”through the firewall. Click Browse and then paste the file pathyou have saved from earlier.

Hit enter to navigate to the Hamachi folder,then open the x64 folder and choose the “hamachi-2” application. We're going to open this and you should seeHamachi Client Tunneling Engine being added. Finish this by clicking the Add button andmake sure both the Private and Public boxes are checked. Click OK and close out of these windows. One final step to make sure no issues occuris to right click on the user with the relayed tunnel, go to Details, open the Settings tab,and set Traffic to “Allow All”. Your connection should now show a green iconand no longer have the relayed tunnel!.

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