Retropixel Pocket Honest Review

Retropixel Pocket Honest Review

Do you love retro gaming? Then, the Retropixel Pocket deserves your attention. It’s a new handheld device that brings back memories of the Gameboy Pocket. It looks similar and has the same button layout. But, is it really worth the excitement? Let’s explore its performance and features together.

The retro gaming community has been waiting for the Retropixel Pocket. Its launch has created a buzz. The device looks a lot like the old Gameboy Pocket, bringing back sweet memories. But, does it perform well? Are its features what we expect today? This review will examine the Retropixel Pocket closely. It will help you decide if it’s right for you.


The Retropixel Pocket takes a page from the much-loved Gameboy Pocket. It brings together a classic feel with up-to-date features. In a sleek, all-gray look, this gaming device reminds us of the iconic Gameboy. This modern handheld is just the right size to carry around and play comfortably.

The button layout is a big nod to the Gameboy Pocket’s design. It keeps the face buttons and directional pad in a layout that gamers know well. Now, with two extra face buttons, you get even more ways to play your games.

It doesn’t stop there. The Retropixel Pocket also has L and R triggers at the back. These make playing certain games smoother and adds comfort to your grip. They’re perfect for everything from jumping in platformers to battles in RPGs.

The screen on the Retropixel Pocket is a high-quality 720×720 IPS panel. It brings games to life with sharp details and vivid colors. The black bezels around the screen add a nice touch, making your gaming visuals stand out more.

For those serious about sound, the device has a place for your headphones. Placed at the bottom, you can plug in for sound that’s clear and all yours. It’s a great feature for enjoying games even more.

The Retropixel Pocket honors the past while looking to the future. With features like the extra buttons, amazing screen, and a headphone jack, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s a treat for people who love retro games.

The Screen

The Retropixel Pocket’s screen is a standout feature. It has a 3″ 720×720 IPS laminated display. This display offers sharp visuals and lively colors for retro games. The 1:1 aspect ratio suits Gameboy and Gameboy Color games well, creating an immersive experience.

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Its viewing angles are great for solo or shared play. Everyone gets clear visuals from any side. This is perfect for gaming with friends or showing games off to others.

Brightness can be adjusted for the perfect setting. You can clearly see your game in any light. This feature keeps your eyes comfortable while you play.

The colors on the Retropixel Pocket’s screen pop. It shows games as they were meant to be seen. The screen highlights each game’s color design, making your experience more intense and nostalgic.

The Retropixel Pocket balances screen size with the device’s overall look. The display is big for gaming, yet the device is still easy to carry. This mix means you can play comfortably while your device remains compact.

The Buttons

The buttons are key for any hand-held video game system. The Retropixel Pocket has users split in their opinion. Many like the high-quality design and feel of the buttons. The d-pad and face buttons make playing comfortable while looking good. The triggers and Start/Select buttons also work smoothly, adding to its charm.

But, a few users have found issues with the buttons. They mention issues like making false moves or not reacting to touches. Some say you have to press very hard for the buttons to work correctly. These problems can be really annoying when you need to play quickly and accurately.

Nevertheless, the Retropixel Pocket has a special feature – its contrast and volume wheels. These are not just for looks; they work as buttons too. This smart design makes it easier to play and lets users personalize their experience.

To sum up, the buttons on the Retropixel Pocket are okay but not perfect. People thinking of buying it should take note of the varying feedback on the buttons’ performance. How well the Retropixel Pocket works for you in games might depend on these button issues.

The Internals

The Retropixel Pocket is powered by an Allwinner A64 chip. It has 1GB of DDR3 RAM, and 8GB of EMMC storage. This makes it strong enough to run many gaming consoles. Users can enjoy games from consoles like Gameboy, PS1, N64, and PSP.

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Yet, there are some things to note. The Pocket doesn’t last long on a single charge. It also takes a while to recharge. The sound might not be the best due to a 2W speaker that gets too loud. The USB-C port might give you trouble, and sometimes it doesn’t connect well. When using it, the Pocket could get warm.

Still, the Retropixel Pocket can offer good gaming. Its CPU, RAM, and storage make for smooth gameplay. But, remember it might struggle with battery, sound, USB-C, and heat.


The Retropixel Pocket runs on Android 7. This operating system has both fans and critics. Some users worry about how well it works with other devices. They also don’t like that it lacks a touchscreen. Without a touchscreen, using Android apps can be difficult. The system isn’t as easy to use as some people would like. It’s also not always very quick to respond.

Yet, its software also has good points. It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This lets you do things like grab box art and use wireless headphones. And if you like playing old games, Retroarch lets you do that. It makes gaming more fun.

When it comes to saving games, it’s not all perfect. The device has a sleep mode that works with game cartridges. This lets you save your progress. But, saving your progress in the game isn’t perfect. Sometimes, when you switch games, your progress is lost. This can be annoying for some players.

The software on the Retropixel Pocket has its flaws. It’s not as user-friendly or adaptable as it should be. Because it uses an old Android system, it misses out on being as useful as it could. This limits how well it can work and how much it can wow users.

*Considering the software is crucial for the Retropixel Pocket. It does have some nice things. Like being able to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Plus, it lets you play old games. But, not having a touchscreen and using an old Android system aren’t great. They make it not as good as other similar devices.*

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Comparison to Similar Devices

The Retropixel Pocket has its own unique strengths and weaknesses compared to other handheld gaming devices. Its screen quality stands out for its sharp visuals, vibrant colors, and great viewing angles. This boosts the gaming experience significantly.

Yet, the device is behind in button performance. Some users find the buttons inconsistent, leading to issues like false diagonals and missed presses. It makes the device harder to use for gaming.

Additionally, the Retropixel Pocket is held back by its software. This is because it doesn’t have a touchscreen and uses an old Android system. Because of this, it might not run all apps smoothly and can be harder to use.

However, the device shines in its design. It takes after the classic Gameboy style, which many gamers love. This nostalgic look and feel add a lot to the gaming experience.

Choosing the Retropixel Pocket over other devices depends on what you value most. If you prioritize a great screen and cool design, it might be your best pick. But remember, it doesn’t do as well with buttons and software. Knowing the good and the bad helps you pick what’s right for you.

Final Thoughts

The Retropixel Pocket is like a tribute to the classic Gameboy Pocket. It brings back that old school feel with a modern look, perfect for those who love retro games. The design is clean and simple, which many fans of classic gaming will love.

Its screen quality is one of the best things about it. With a 3″ 720×720 IPS display, everything looks sharp and colorful. This makes playing Gameboy games or other systems a lot more fun.

But, the buttons might not be perfect out of the box. They could need some time to work smoothly. Also, the system doesn’t have a touchscreen and runs on an older version of Android. That means not all apps might work well on it.

Yet, the Retropixel Pocket’s design and screen make it a real winner for those into retro gaming. If you care more about how it looks and the quality of the screen, it’s a good choice. It’s not the best for the latest tech, but it nails the retro vibe.

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