How to Increase Mouse Polling Rate for Reduced Latency

How to Increase Mouse Polling Rate for Reduced Latency

To enhance polling rate and reduce mouse input latency, I have used the polling rate overclocking tool Hidusbf by LordOfMice. You can follow the same steps that I did:

  1. Download and Extraction:
    • Obtain the latest version of Hidusbf from GitHub [github.com].
    • Extract the package to a secure location to avoid accidental deletion (functions as the tool’s program directory).
  2. Creating a Shortcut:
    • In the extracted folder’s DRIVER folder, locate setup.exe, the tool’s executable.
    • Create a shortcut for setup.exe on your desktop or start menu for easy access.
    • Optionally, rename the shortcut for convenience (e.g., “Polling Rate Overclocker”).
  3. Running the Tool:
    • Launch the tool by double-clicking setup.exe.
    • In the tool’s window, choose the “select all” option at the top left.
    • Identify your controller entry by disconnecting and reconnecting the controller (should appear in the list when connected).
  4. Adjusting Settings:
    • Check the “filter on device” box.
    • Click on “Default” to the right of it.
    • Select 1000Hz and click on “Install Service.”
    • Wait for the process to complete, then click restart.
  5. Verification:
    • After restarting, check the “Rate” and “Filter?” columns for your controller entry.
    • “Rate” should display “1000,” and “Filter?” should be “Yes,” indicating a successful custom polling rate of 1000Hz.
  6. Maintenance:
    • Your custom or overclocked polling rate should persist through computer restarts.
    • Periodically check your polling rate, especially after Windows updates, as it may reset.

By following these steps, your PC will now request updates from your controller at a thousand times per second, resulting in a potentially reduced input latency.

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