Bu Anahtar Kontrol Cihazı için $100?!

Bu Anahtar Kontrol Cihazı için $100?!

The switch has never really been in short supply when it comes to controllers but one thing that the switch is in short supply of is more expensive pro controllers i reviewed more than a few on this channel as i'm sure i'll be reviewing.

Even more in the days to come especially with the oled model dropping later this year if you don't want to miss out on that content make sure to subscribe despite the fact that the official switch controller goes by that name when you look at what the switch has to offer compared to say the xbox the playstation those systems have very expensive.

Specialized controllers that are going as high as 200 bucks whereas the switch pretty much nothing ever goes to the same price point or even above the price point of the official switch controller at 70 bucks well earlier this year power a one of the main license manufacturers for switch controllers is trying to actually break that barrier a little bit.

With their fusion pro controller this is the most expensive officially licensed twitch controller at a hundred dollars and honestly it's a little bit weird to me because when i think poweray i don't necessarily think high quality pro controller i really think of them for their cheaper off-brand control options.

Some of which i do really like if you're looking to save a little money but they're not my first thought for expensive so when i first got this controller in that really kind of shaded my perspective and i gotta say some stuff about it really pleasantly surprised me and there's other stuff that i think does hold it back let's.

Talk about it first i want to talk about special features because that's what i think power a is really leaning into in terms of trying to qualify this as a pro controller and there's a couple key things that stand out first off back paddles this is kind of one of the immediate things that people think of when it comes to pro controller options.

It's very useful for competitive games especially fps where you want to remap certain buttons that you don't have to reach to hit one of the front-facing buttons for now poweray's cheaper controllers do have back buttons but paddles are a little bit different in two main respects one by being a paddle it's a little more pronounced and thus.

Like kind of out there you're not reaching for it like a button and two there are four of them on this controller as opposed to the pair of back buttons you'd find on their cheaper wireless controllers now to be honest i do generally prefer back buttons over back paddles primarily because with the back buttons they can be placed in a way.

Where your fingers don't have to rest on them and you can kind of avoid them if you don't want to accidentally press these paddles though if you want to hold the controller comfortably you basically have to rest your fingers on them now if you're not using all these paddles and you only want to use a couple of them they are removable individually and a.

Nice feature of this as well is that if you want to use this controller but not make making the back paddles for a particular game the whole module is actually removable which is a nice touch it's worth noting that while you are resting your fingers on these all the time they're not overly sensitive so it's pretty hard to do an accidental.

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Click but i still think there is a little bit of danger there i also wish the paddle pole did have a little bit more of a satisfying click these are kind of a little mushier it's fine it gets the job done but there's just something about a satisfying click that makes you feel better about it programming the back paddles is pretty.

Straightforward intuitive basically you just have to hold down this program button and while holding it down click whichever paddle you want to program and then the button you want to tie to it it's complex enough to the point where it's not super easy to do in the middle of gameplay but if you're between matches it's pretty easy to set up.

Another major feature that's common on a lot of pro controllers that's present here on the fusion controller are swappable sticks the fusion actually comes with a carrying case that also holds the two swappable sticks that you can have both of which are longer sticks which afford you a little more precision and controlled movement with one of them.

Having a concave head and the other one being convex personally i like the convex a little more for things like precise aiming for snipers but if you don't like the feeling of that and you'd rather have the more traditional concave head there is that option there as well and while we're on the subject this is actually one of the things that bothers.

Me about this controller i like the fact that it has the swappable sticks but when they're aiming for something that's meant to have a pro controller feeling it kind of feels like the stickheads themselves they cheaped out a little on it's the same kind of material as their traditional wireless controller or their wired controller and it's not an awful.

Stick by any means but the type of plastic it is and the shape of the concave head just doesn't feel that great to me it feels cheaper and when you're trying to target this as being a more expensive option one of the main things you're going to be using all the time are the sticks and to have those still feel like the kind of cheaper.

Sticks on their other controllers it just feels really unsatisfying to me they're not the worst ever but compared to the official pro controller stick heads or even the sticks on the 8-bit doe pro 2 they just feel lackluster speaking of swapping sticks you can also swap the face plate on the fusion controller when it first ships to you.

It'll actually have a black face plate on it that does a full blackout design which looks fine i personally think this white with red trim looks a lot better this was shipped with it as well so i could just swap right away i just think it looks really super clean and stands out as one of the better looking third-party controllers for the switch.

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With this aesthetic the sticks have another potentially very big problem uh depending on what kind of games you like to play i've actually discovered that while messing with the stick calibration menu on the switch that the face plate on this controller limits the full range of motion of the stick heads so for instance if we.

Actually open up the stick calibration menu which i'll go to right now real quick for instance let's open up the right stick and i found that on the right stick while the face plate is on it doesn't actually read tilting it to the right all the way so for instance if i go up that ring lights up to show that.

Yeah it's reading full tilt but as i turn it this way you'll see that the ring around it begins to turn off because it's not reading 100 tilt now if i remove the face plate now it's able to read it so it isn't an issue of how it's reading the stick it's the fact the face plate on this controller is preventing.

It from going all the way now for a lot of games the difference between 90 and 100 full tilt doesn't actually matter all that much some games just need you to go over 50 and you're good to go but there are some titles where needing to read full tilt is important and if this controller doesn't let you do that that can be a problem again this is an issue.

You can get rid of by just simply removing the face plate and bam you know how full tilt but then the front face of the controller is not as comfortable because you don't have the face plate on and honestly this just seems like a really odd oversight that's frustrating a couple other features to mention really quick this can turn on your.

Switch from rest which i know is a major deal for a lot of people it does have an auxiliary port so you can plug in a headset in order to hear game audio although this only works in a wired connection mode if you want to use it wirelessly that's not an option and it does have the ability to swap between a dedicated wireless or wired mode so in.

Wired mode you not only get the benefit of that headset support but you're gonna get a little bit faster connection as well now as far as how it actually feels to use the controller i do like the shape and grip of it like i mentioned i'm not a huge fan of resting my fingers on the back paddles but when this module's removed it has a really.

Comfortable rubberized grip that just gives a little extra softness the front-facing buttons have a little more resistance than i would like it's not terrible but it just feels like i'm putting a little more force than is necessary to click down on them shoulder buttons feel fine and the d-pad is fine i played a couple different retro games.

With it it's a little fickle with some of its diagonal inputs you have to be pretty precise on pressing both directions at once but it's definitely not the worst one i've used one minor thing by the way that i do appreciate about this controller is that when it comes to powerais wired controllers they have a micro usb port that is designed.

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To be shaped a specific way so you have to use one of their cables on the fusion controller it's just a simple little part right here for usb-c so you can use whatever cable you want it can be the one that's included with it it can be your switch charger if you just want to plug in and charge the controller up for a little bit or if you have another.

Usb-c to usb cable to use to plug it into your switch that's going to work just fine not having to worry about keeping track of their specific one when it comes to the 100 price point this thing's a bit of a tug-of-war with me because i think if you just look at the feature list with things like having the back paddles swappable sticks it.

Includes a case yeah that can make sense but there's a lot of other cuts on this thing that really makes me apprehensive sure you've got swappable sticks but i don't really like the feeling of a lot of these stick heads and you don't even get full range of motion on them when the faceplate is on the controller the d-pad could use.

Some work and while it does have a fairly extensive list of features one thing it doesn't have is rumble in any form whatsoever now sure rumble is something that isn't necessarily a pro feature you don't need it to be better at games but it is something that i think is a very core interactive aspect of a lot of nicer controllers and not.

Having that in one that costs a hundred dollars just feels weird to me if money isn't an issue to you at all and you're really interested in having a full set of four back paddles i think this controller can be worth grabbing you just might have to keep in mind that you'll need to remove the face plate every now and then for.

Certain games but when you look at the number of other controller options available on the switch and what you can get at lower value price points whether that's the official switch pro controller the bitto pro 2 or even powerais own enhanced wireless controller that one goes for a lot cheaper still offers some similar.

Features like having a pair of back buttons and i think ends up being more worth it for the price point you're paying not to mention they come in a lot of great designs it's not a bad controller it's just for the price you're paying i think there are better value options out there now that being said if you are interested in.

Grabbing this controller or any of the other ones that i talked about in this video i'll have those linked below down in the description as always if you enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe and i will see you guys later

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  1. All of these issues definitely made me think It wasn't worth 100 but was definitely a food controller, and then I remembered that it's only 70$ on Amazon rn

  2. I can't believe they didn't do some kind of recall or any attempt to fix the faceplate issue. Had to return mine. Shame, it felt great and had all the bells and whistles I wanted. PDP faceoff wireless is a good substitute if you want paddles. I like it better than the power a enhanced controller which I also have.

  3. The full tilt issue makes playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus such a PAIN for me and my partner who bought one too! I sent a complaint to them about it because they need to send us new faceplates. I paid a lot of money and I don’t wanna just be told to return it or not use the faceplates. The rings can be removed from the faceplates and that DOES help but it shouldn’t have to be tthat way either and it may wear at the stick

  4. Hey ya so I bought this controller today (6/4/2022) and I after viewing this video I went and tested my analog sticks and I am getting 100% tilt movements from both analogs just an FYI

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