Nintendo Switch Controller with headphone jack!

Nintendo Switch Controller with headphone jack!

In the ongoing battle to make the best switch controller out there PDP has a new Entry and that is the wired face off deluxe plus now This is the newest addition to their wired face off line of controllers Which I actually found to be one of the best options out there for a cheap wired controller and the deluxe plus builds on what Made that controller great with some great new additions including one that is completely unique to this controller this is the first switch controller to have an actual audio port by the way PDP sent a bunch of these so we're actually going to give some away over on our instagram. So make sure to check out link down below for more details on that Now if you're not familiar with the audio issues that happens on the switch when it comes to in-game chat You have to rely on an app that's on your phone and plug it in that way, but then you're not getting game audio.

So if you want both in the headset, you have to use a splitter It's a whole annoying process. But thankfully some games have started making use of in game chat a key example being fortnight In fact the team responsible for making that in game chat on the switch 5ox has made that technology available to other developers to hopefully add it to their games as well So any game that has in game chat like that on the switch you can use this controller Wired your switch and plug it headset into the jack and have in-game chat with game audio. No problem Well, that is certainly the biggest and most noticeable improvement from past faceoff controllers There are a couple other little changes to this one that separates them one thing I really like is that the ZL and Zr. Buttons are just a little bit bigger.

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There were very thin on the deluxe and the original faceoff controller made them a little awkward to hit There's a lot more surface area and these ones so it's much more comfortable One other change they made is that they changed these stick heads from having a rounded kind of edge to instead having a very hard Flat one this changed up a little more hit or miss on. I think it still works really well I just don't know if it was a necessary change But it does make sure that your fingers stay nice and tight on the thumb stick It's not going to slide off during intense gameplay now like the previous faceoff controllers It does have the programmable buttons on the backside right here Which you can map any of the front-facing shoulder buttons or even clicking the sticks in and the function button that you use to program.

That has some additional uses as well now Thanks to the built-in audio if you hold it and use the up or down of d-pad you can adjust headset volume by going up or down and you can double tap the function button to mute or unmute your mic And of course it would not be the face off line of controllers if it wasn't for the fact that this faceplate here is completely removable Now when you order one of these deluxe blesses they do come and either this red camo or a purple camo But if you own any previous faceoff controller, or you could track down those face plates you can switch it out for a Number of different designs including ones inspired by Mario and Zelda which look really great and actually on that note.

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It's something that PDP did that was really awesome with sending this in advance for us to check out They even included a custom faceplate with our logo on the top, which was a super awesome gift Now well, the main advertised feature of this headset is the ability to use chat for games that support in-game chat like fortnight It does have the extra benefit of just being useful if you ever want to do docked gameplay with a headsets so you're not bothering people around you so for instance If you're just playing say Smash Brothers and you want hear audio and not blare throughout the entire house You can use this in docked mode and still connect a headset and hear it all there Now it is worth noting that one of the kind of weird quirks of the switch. Is that it only outputs audio to a single source So if you're using a headset like this plugged in with the switch.

You're not gonna get any audio out of your TV whatsoever because it's Prioritizing pushing it to the headset over anything else and I meant to to earlier when I said that PDP makes my favorite of the wired controller options because while a lot of the other companies offer some cool interesting wireless ones as far As the wired designs go the PDP one offers the additional programmable buttons on the back which is really handy as well as having I think just overall the better balance of butt designs and something that's a little weird about them too is they Put the home and capture buttons kind of far away which I actually like because I hate every time I accidentally take a screenshot or go to home when I don't want to because they Just get in the heat of the moment confused by which buttons which and I do that way less with this controller.

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I'm dying right now. I gotta say well the audio out is definitely the main selling point of this controller I really do like the other minute changes they made compared to the other deluxe models The shoulder buttons are a lot more comfortable to use. Thanks to the larger design The sticks I'm a little more hit and miss on I think it is better But it's also just a little weirdly different to feel that kind of just stiff inner wall right there Now again when it comes to that idea of in-game chat sport, the only major game that has it built in right now is fortnight However It is a service that is plan to come to more games in particular Hi-rez studios to spoken up regarding adding vie box support to their games for things like Paladins I think one of the biggest arguments for this controller though is just the.

Value that you're getting in total because the audio feature again is something that is currently unique to this controller is the first switch one To offer that audio port which is really handy, but they didn't increase the price as a result of this This is selling at the same price that previous faceoff deluxe controllers sold at of 25 bucks So that's less than a half a switch pro controller. Sure. There are a lot of awesome wireless options out there But as far as just getting something for 25 that's gonna have good quality and that unique feature. It's an awesome deal

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