Meet Windows 11 | Easier for everyone

Meet Windows 11 | Easier for everyone

SPEAKER 1:Hey. I run a small business with my grandma and Windows 11 basicallyhelps us run everything. First, this is so helpful. I can turn on live captionsin Teams meetings, which helps mecatch every detail. Grandma's also our art director. This touchscreen's great where we need to see things up close.

Just zoom in here, make a tweak. I also like to add Alt text to our images to make sureeveryone knows what's up. Here's another. Did you know you can changecolors of your screen? It makes everythingway easier to read. You can go mostlywhite or mostly black. One more thing, when we'redeveloping a recipe, I love to use voice typing.

Press the “Windows key”and “H” to get it going. “Infuse the aromatics for at least 30 minutesor up to one hour.” Perfect. Like I said, Windows 11 helps usget it done. [MUSIC]

  How to bypass "this video is unavailable in your country"?

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