Controle Pro do Switch + Entrada Steam = Incrível!

Controle Pro do Switch + Entrada Steam = Incrível!

Just a quick announcement: The Switch Pro Controller is officially supported by Steam Input as of May 17th. Support can be enabled in the Controller Settings section. There is also another new box here for “Use Nintendo Button Layout.” Since Nintendo uses a different layout for their face buttons, this will properly switch around the X/Y and A/B buttons in imported configs. The personalization screen is simplistic, reminiscent of the Xbox controller's options, but it does allow you to control the brightness of the light ring around the Home button. Going to the configuration screen, this controller has a gyrometer just like the Steam Controller.

And Dualshock 4 but has an additional button in the center. The Plus and Minus function as Start and Select and the Home button is the Guide Button, but this controller has a Box or Square button as well that can be configured. There is something else unique to the controller though, it has digital triggers. This means that the triggers are read as either pressed or not pressed. So Analog Output will always read as pulling the trigger completely and there isn't any way to differentiate between the Soft and Full Pull. When using Simple Threshold and Hair Trigger, both actions will fire simultaneous, and when using Hip Fire the Soft Pull will always be skipped.

If this information sounds foreign to you then be sure to watch my tutorial about the Triggers and what each of these settings do. Currently, the Triggers menu is no different from other controllers but I expect this to be changed in a future update so as to not cause any confusion for Switch Pro Controller users who are new to Steam Input. This is a huge move for Valve since Steam Input now supports all of the controllers of the current generation save for the JoyCons — which are a completely different kind of beast that will require a ton of new code. Regardless, it's nice to see proper PC support for Nintendo devices.

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For those who will be watching my tutorials, remember that while I won't be directly showing off the Switch Pro Controller, everything that I talk about is directly relatable and usable. So break out those Nintendo controllers and play some of your favorite PC games — old and new — with a brand new device.

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  1. The Switch's button layout isn't "Different" it's the original. The XB buttons are the different ones!

    All joking aside, the battery life for this thing is insane! Looking forward to making this my main PC controller

  2. this works like a piece of shit, couldn't play any game that works with the xbox controller. it just doesnt do anything in-game
    and by that i mean steam big picture is a fucking joke

  3. Retroarch remains in Desktop mode when you launch it. This means some inputs are unavailable when altering the controls on Steam. For example, you can't make the controller sticks analog.
    If you want to move your character, you HAVE to have it set to "Directional Pad." That's not the worst thing in the world, but if you're playing a First person Shooter and constantly have to aim, or you're playing a stealth game, and have to remain quiet by walking a lot, this issue will screw you over. It's very specific, I know, but what I also want to know is how to make Retroarch fall into the "Big Picture Configuration" instead of remaining in desktop.

  4. does anyone know if there is a way to have steam games refer to the correct buttons on a switch pro controller without having to change their orientation. Right now the game says click A to jump, that is B on switch controller, this is the bottom button and i like jump being the bottom button, is there a steam setting to make all steam games refer to the bottom button correctly as B while it remaining functionally the jump button for example, or is this impossible. Because ive been playing for years just having to do the mental gymnastics and it sucks.

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