Ovladač pro Xbox s minerální kamufláží | První pohled z ruky

Ovladač pro Xbox s minerální kamufláží | První pohled z ruky

Over the years, we've seen some pretty awesome looking Camo style controllers. The thing is, they looked so good, you can't even see them get it because. Cause they're they're camel, right? Yeah. Okay. I'm not funny, but this is the mineral camo controller from Xbox, and I've been staring at this box in anticipation of doing this unboxing. So believe me when I say I'm excited. So let's go ahead and get started on the front. We've got just an idea of what the controller looks like.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. These boxes are beautiful, but it doesn't tell you the full story until you actually see the controller in person. So that's what we're doing here today. And then on the back side, pretty standard. It tells you, you know, gear up for action. You have your share button, Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and textured grips and bumpers. So.

Pretty standard for that. But let's go ahead and open this guy up. Pull a single sticker that's really handy, especially for accessibility purposes. Very cool. Very awesome. No preamble. Open it. Woo! Oh, I close. Woo! Nice. Very, very nice. Oh, yeah.

It is a beautiful, beautiful controller. So smooth. The textured grips all the way around. And yes, that's pretty standard for all the newer controllers. But seeing it in this in this color scheme is just spectacular. Oh, such an amazing looking piece of kit. This is definitely a difference compared to some of the other controllers we produced before. And this is a part of the official camo lineup.

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Even the designs between each segment of the camel is the same in the other models, such as the day strike camel controller. So aside from the color and design scheme, the mineral camels chassis and functionality is the same as a standard Xbox controller. This is a good thing as it means it will work with Xbox Series X, Xbox One units, Windows Devices via Bluetooth and USB Type-C and on mobile devices like the iPhone or on Android devices such as the surface duo to see it even comes with batteries.

But let's get back to that chassis because it's very important you understand why this controller is an industry leader. First, the thumbs sticks are ergonomically placed where your thumbs want to go. Secondly, the hybrid d-pad is designed with quicker selection and scrolling in mind, but you can use it for certain in-game combos for like fighting games, for example. You've also got your 3.5 millimeters headphone jack for your wired headsets, and you can even plug in an older chat pad or party chat connection like we've had before.

And as I briefly mentioned, this does come with double AA batteries, but we highly recommend that you use the Xbox play and charge kit and grab the included USB type-c cable so you can play connected directly to your device and never have to worry about your batteries again. And lastly, grip grips, grip, grip, grip, grip, grip, grip, grips, grips everywhere. You've got grips everywhere. You've got grips on the Thumbsticks even got grips on the triggers and the bumpers. One of the worst things that can happen in a game is that you go to trigger.

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Something at the right time and your fingers have no traction. It's not here. So that's it for the mineral camo controller. If you like this video, please consider subscribing and liking this video and share it with your friends. Even if you didn't like it. We have so many other controller colors and schemes that you can choose from. In fact, you can create your own design with the Xbox design labs. Never heard of it.

We actually did a video that's right here and that was a lot of fun. So if you have any other questions or comments, please leave that in the comments section down below. Links, as always, can be found in the description below. And if you're a retail pro that promotes and sells Microsoft products in your retail store, please consider joining the online training site. ExpertZone there, you'll learn and earn. We have trainings for Xbox Surface and you could be eligible to win a few months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

So until the next time, take care of yourselves and each other later.

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  1. forget all this guessing about who M$ should buy next when they are sitting on ips that they have did nothing with! example : why has therer not been a next gen conkers / Blink / kameo and even though they brought out killer instinct successor why leave it to hang smh .. and oh man RYSE think about this the sequel could of had him fight some demon king . the spartan dies but gets granted a new life with revenge and powers from the underworld and there goes our god of war ! thats just a sketched up idea but see what im doing they need to brain storm there library cause if they cant make a hit under there current teams that should show they lack the visions like there competition .. im a xbot but phil gets too much passes …im tired of wait till next year listen many opf us have been waiting for over six plus years for a new franchise from M$ cmon man wheres the next gen games at

  2. To bad it doesn't have the rubberized grips like my sports blue special edition xbox one controller. This'll probably be my first & last xbox series x special edition controller. I only got it because I love the color & I just got an xbox series x from microsoft for $620.😁

  3. All newly released controllers should start coming with rubberized grips it shouldn’t just be sometimes moving forward all controllers should just have the rubberized grip I love the way it looks but that’s the only let down for me .

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