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  • “Damsel in Danger”

    By J. O'Farrell
    This romantic mystery novel is set in present day Montana. Jason and Brinkley are the main characters that you, the reader, will immediately cheer for. Each having their own unique backgrounds, eventually they solve their own, personal murder mysteries, plus fall beautifully in love with each other. The story is well written and the murderer might take you by surprise! For awhile there, I thought of the old Thin Man Mystery Team. Love, romance, with a hint of solving murders!!! Great reading!!! -Jan Repath
  • Damsel in danger

    By IPMPH
    I never thought it could be Greg, but then again that is what kept me turning the pages looking to solve the mystery. A great author who knows how to write a romantic happily ever after mystery.
  • Damsel in danger

    By Dreamstar72
    Good read, boring in spots, didn’t like the sex writing though could have left that out.
  • Damsel in Danger

    By Cv3567
    Very 'canned' and predictable with tons of typos.
  • Damsel in Danger

    By Weathergrani
    The story line, character development, and intertwining plot were superb! I rated this a 3 because of the unnecessary use of foul language. The story is great and doesn’t require the expletives. I will think twice before reading anymore books by this author.
  • Lucky Damsel

    Good read, both characters deal with trust. The first few chapters begin the story and if you pay attention you know who the killer is. The romance takes awhile to build but these alpha males are overly protective which makes it a little unbelievable in parts. He does challenge her to go beyond her limits. There are a couple of sections where the wrong name is in place or incorrect usage of a word but the overall read is romantic suspense and worth the read.
  • Good story

    By Angel4jc
    I would have given this five stars if not for the descriptive sex. I had to just skip those pages. Sheesh!