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  • Good Book

    By Herecules32
    Pretty good book to read. Very interesting
  • Deadly Dozen Lives Up to Its Title

    By gb1956
    Author Robert Keller researched and compiled an impressive list of some of America's worst serial killers. Keller describes the murderers' victim list and goes into some detail of some of the specific cases. Additionally, the author provides biographical details about most of the killers. This book provides considerable insight into the level of depravity and violence which appeared to drive these 12 men to commit some of the most heinous crimes in modern US history.
  • Why change a victim's name?

    By Jaredmba
    This was a very interesting book. I was just curious why the author used the name "Angela Barrios" as the victim who survived when her keys deflected the bullet shot at her head by Richard Ramirez. In a March 12, 1986 LA Times article about his trial, it recounts the testimony of Maria Hernandez, identifying Ramirez as the man who shot at her and killed her roommate, Dayle Okazaki. If it was an attempt to protect the victim, it was unnecessary, given that she was identified when she testified. If it was an error, it makes me wonder what other errors may have been made. Overall, though, it seems to be accurate and a good read.
  • Amazing

    By Jak9913
    Probably the best book I've ever read.
  • Interesting read

    By KelliSue88
    It took me a while to finally read the whole book. I read a killer at a time. But having read it all I would say this was a very interesting book. I would recommend it to anyone interested in this subject.