A Love That Never Tires - Allyson Jeleyne

A Love That Never Tires

By Allyson Jeleyne

  • Release Date: 2014-11-01
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4
From 412 Ratings


Linley Talbot-Martin is a girl who likes to get her hands dirty. As the daughter of a famous archaeologist, she's been everywhere and seen everything—except London. But when the time comes to trade her jodhpurs and work boots for silk gowns and kid gloves, she may be in over her head.

Even though she can out-ride, out-shoot, and outsmart any girl in London society, Linley is destined to be the failure of the season. No one she meets cares about ancient pottery or lost Buddhist texts, and fundraising efforts for future expeditions keep coming up short. If the Talbot-Martin team doesn't find money soon, they will be out of a job, and Linley will lose everything she holds dear.

Patrick Wolford, Marquess of Kyre (pronounced 'Keer'), is a man who knows his place. Well-connected and respected, he is everything everyone expects him to be, but beneath his façade, he is as neglected and crumbling as the family estate. Now the strain of keeping up appearances is taking its toll. The smart thing would be to marry the heiress nipping at his heels and be done with it, but when he meets Linley Talbot-Martin, who dares to shake up his seemingly proper world, he must choose between the life he's always known and one he never dared to dream of.


  • A Love Never Tires

    By Crystal31069
    Great story, so exciting, the second book continues from this story.
  • New editor

    By Green moss girl
    In three places I found grammar mistakes that I have never seen in my life of reading. All three were pronoun errors like “between you and I”. It should be “between you and me”. “between” is a preposition and requires its objects to be in the objective case. “I” is used for subjects. An editor should have caught these mistakes. I’m 71 and have never seen this type of error in published writing.
  • Too long

    By Plonk'r
    Not one of the best romance novels that I have read. Too many unbelievable events.
  • A Love Never Tires

    By Elizabeth 3814
    Wow! Yes this story was absolutely wonderful. I feel like I have been on an African safari a . Struggling thru the forest with them and then reaching Himalayans. Oh my what an adventure this was.
  • Great book.... beautifully written

    By Scooterbug4
    I love how this book was written. What a beautiful story of friendship, jealousy, love and loss. How certain things in life really shouldn't matter and those that do are what you should live your life by.
  • A Love That Never Tires

    By EllaVictoria
    Excellent, could not put it down until finished.
  • Very nice!

    By JoanieVA
    What a fun book! I love being transported to another place in history! I felt immersed in the characters; empathetic. I want more, and lucky for me this is the first one in a series.
  • Yikes

    By NoStraws
    The main characters are not likable in the least and the story is not interesting enough to make up for it. I respect the authors attempt to create something different but with characters like this I will be lucky if I can make it through the last bit of this book without giving up.
  • A Love That Never Tires

    By Denim fan
    I wanted to care about the main characters, but they were not very likable. Their interaction left a lot to be desired. It won't break my heart if I never find out more of their story/stories.
  • Really good read

    By Louisianablondie
    A beautiful story of two people whose love evolves during a trek thru India. Loved the characters. Want to continue with the next story of Patrick and Linley.