The Viscount's Tempting Minx - Erica Ridley

The Viscount's Tempting Minx

By Erica Ridley

  • Release Date: 2014-10-15
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4
From 394 Ratings


Enjoy the first laugh-out-loud story in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Erica Ridley’s fan-favorite Dukes of War regency romance series! Certain individuals might consider Lady Amelia Pembroke a managing sort of female, but truly, most people would be lost without her help. Why, the latest on-dit is that rakish Viscount Sheffield is canceling the fête of the year because he hasn't time for silly soirees. He doesn't need time—he needs her!   When a flash of lightning destroys the venue for his family's annual Christmas ball, Lord Benedict Sheffield intends to enjoy a relaxing holiday for once. But after twelve days of beguiling Lady Amelia's guerrilla tactics, he's up to his cravat with tinsel... and tumbling head over heels in love.   Previously titled The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation.


  • The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation

    By monkey dune
    I totally find this book as intriguing as possible. However, I’m confused as it’s only nine(9) chapters. Or did Bookbub not offer the entire book? I would have liked to read about the wedding and other things that followed.
  • Lord of Vice

    By lourdes nunez
    Couldn’t put it down from start to end. Wow! Wow! Wow! Captivating, what a wonderful read. I loved everything about this story. The unknown of what may Bryony might get herself into. Each event a surprise of adventure, thrill, romance, acceptance, a true theme of love. Great ending. You must read!!! Thanks for your wonderful writing. Loved it!!!
  • Entertaining!

    By Elodiebraw
    "Lady Amelia discovers that the Sheffield's 75th annual Christmas ball will be canceled due to a storm damaging the ballroom. Amelia decides to approach Lord Benedict Sheffield, with a solution to keep the Christmas tradition going. Viscount Sheffiled is not to worried about this soirée happening, Amelia declared she would plan everything the exact way it should be and even offer to fund the soirée ." Amelia is Strong willed and determined to get her and Sheffield is strong willed as well, and does not need a woman to plan anything for him, but after watching Amelia come up with solutions and ideas "stored in her pantry" he is determine to show her there is more to life than organizing everything to perfection. A very entertaining book short and sweet, a nice read for a rainy day! Clean romantic novel read it in 3 hours.
  • I love that this book made me laugh

    By Acworth Von
    The Viscount's Christmas Temptation Dukes of War Book 1 by Erica Ridley ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is a fantastic book I have read. The storyline within this story is riveting and it's interesting and obviously the real point is the love back and forth between the two characters and all of the romance. I enjoy this so much, I couldn't stop reading until I was finish. I love the fact that it's so easy to feel like you're there with the characters . I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a Scorching Hot read with a few plot twists and, of course it's a fantastic love story. This storyline reminds me why I love reading Historical romance. Erica Ridley is truly creative, gifted and very talented. The storyline is well written. I enjoyed the storyline so much from the first page to the last page I was so amazed. I loved books that time travel! Erica Ridley is excellent at building fantasy worlds, her character development is awesome. The storyline has drama and depth to it. The story was the perfect blend of drama, mystery and sexiness. It was refreshing to read what felt like real literature. The characters are fabulous and compelling. The dialogue is realistic and passionate, I loved the interaction between the characters, the chemistry is so hot it leaps off the page like real life. The scenes are beautiful picturesque, dynamic with lots passion. Each book can be read as a stand alone but they are a part of series. Another thing I like is teasers I know some of you may not so if this the case don't read the next paragraph. Excerpt From: The Viscount's Christmas Temptation Dukes of War Book 1 by Erica Ridley This material is protected by copyright “The moment I read Aunt Blaylock’s letter.” Amelia gestured at the neatly stacked piles of correspondence atop the cherrywood table as she settled into her wingback chair. “Do have a seat.” He sank into the chair opposite as if he barely registered its presence. “Is there anything you don’t know?” Amelia laughed. “Reams of things. I haven’t the least idea how many attend Parliament, for example, or what the new issues will be for 1816. That is your domain. But I do consider it my responsibility to know everything there is to know about anything that could be considered my domain. I believe I am quite adept at the management of people and events.” His green eyes twinkled. “You’ve certainly managed me since the day I was born.” “I was but three years old when you were born,” she protested. “I didn’t start managing you for at least another year.” Before her brother could reply, the underbutler strode into the parlor with a tray bearing two biscuits and a single glass of port. Ravenwood’s shock gave way to humor. “You’re drinking spirits now? I would too if I had to play puppet-master all day in this household. In fact, it’s quite bad of you not to have at least ordered a matching glass for me. I do intend to steal one of those biscuits. Cinnamon raisin is my favorite.” The butler presented him with the tray. “For you, my lord.” Ravenwood cut his gaze to his sister. “You can’t be serious.” She arched a brow. “As it happens, the staff is on standing order to bring this specific refreshment at once, should you enter the yellow parlor while I am managing my household duties.” The butler gave her a bow. “It would have been much sooner, my lady, had we not also been in the midst of seeing to Miss Catalini. I do beg your pardon.” “As do I. I love these biscuits.” Ravenwood took an appreciative bite. “But why a glass of port?” She widened her eyes. “So that you feel welcome in my little cave.” “That is to say, why so few biscuits and only one glass? Why not a dozen biscuits and the port decanter?” She smiled wickedly. “So that you do not overstay your welcome! OMG! I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm a hopeless romantic and this book gave me romance and so much more. This is a FANTASTIC start to a series it's humorous and Historical romance with attitude. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you're a fan of a humorous ,old fashion tension, action and witt this is perfect for you. Enjoy! This is a great book to add to your TBR list. I was give this ARC to read and give my opinion in a review. But I'm so excited about reading the next book in this series. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It needs to be on your must read list. If you believe in the world of historical romance, the possibilities are endless and fascinating
  • Christmas Love

    By jandmterry
    Lady Amelia Pembroke has ran her brother the adult of Ravenwood's house since the death of her mother. She is an excellent planner so she decides to pick her groom and go after him. She wants to marry so Ravenwood will find his own lady. She plans to find this mate at the 75th Annual Christmas Eve Ball thrown by Viscount Sheffield. The only problem is it has been cancelled due to a fire. Benedict St. John, Viscount Sheffield has built his life around working from 8am-8pm. He then plays from 8pm-8am. When Lady Amelia shows up on his doorstep with a plan for the 75th Annual Christmas Ball, she throws his life into a spin. They both find that they enjoy spending time with each other. I loved this story.
  • Really slow

    By 11tms69
    Sorry this book is a slow read. I couldn't get past the first chapter.
  • Cute story

    By Lindashley
    This is not a full novel, but it is a sweet story with two intelligent people falling in love. It's too short for much action or character development, but I enjoyed it as a pleasant diversion.