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  • Life Changing

    By CplUsmc3531
    I've supported training with the Marine Corps Combat Hunter course, and Scout Sniper school in North Carolina. This book gives a rough outline of a course that many Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors alike have benefitted from. Many say hindsight proved that this course could have saved many who died in the line of duty. The Combat Hunter course has the same criteria and POI as Scout Sniper school, but has been adjusted to fit the needs of the average person (or non-grunt personnel aka "POG's") This book is not only for service members, but for all those who wish to identify negative events before they occur. Parents, teachers, law enforcement, and even children should learn to identify anomalies in their surroundings to keep themselves aware and safe. Safety is paramount.
  • Awesome Book

    By Dhiggy
    A must read if your interested in being more aware of your surroundings.