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  • Love it. Need more.

    By dawnmc123
    This is a great beginning. I hope there are plans to develop this thesis more. There is a lot more to be said in promoting feminism and I would love to read this author on that. Love the book. Disappointed it ended so fast.
  • Feminism - it’s that easy

    By MeliReads
    The author was brilliant in explaining feminism in the easiest ways by examples from her home country in Nigeria.
  • Propaganda

    By Ryry117
    This book is pure propaganda advertised by Apple. The book is an echo chamber that validates the ideas of feminists on tumblr without looking at all the facts and while also being incredibly sexist towards men. Do yourself a favor and look up feminist issues and see both sides of the argument. Don't waste your money on this trash.
  • Underwhelming

    By jeezjennybee
    Good for a quick read. The only people to actually benefit from this are those on the fence about it anyways.
  • A great read!

    By Afro.Jazz
    A short book, but it gets straight to the point! I can't wait to read her other books.
  • Feminism is trash

    By 12/)/36):?)773):)3)727
    I have never seen a book so bad. KYS
  • 👌🏾

    By The Bold Beauty
    A very good quick read
  • Brilliant

    By RubyFernandezJr
    Loved every word of it!
  • Profound Profound Profound!!

    By Queen Boogie
    Her work is brilliant! It's like she says everything that I want to say but struggle to put into words! What an inspiration to ambitious women everywhere! I love it! Woman, you speak the truth and I appreciate you dearly!
  • Yes!

    By CourtJanelle
    I honestly stumbled upon this author and book because of Beyoncè's song "Flawless" in which there is an interlude with parts of Chimamanda's TED talk. However, I am glad I made this purchase and read this short book. As an African American twenty something young woman, I believe there was many ways that society needs to change their views. Race is still a prominent issue in society and as Chimamanda brings up in this book, so is gender. She gives personal accounts of her dealing with "sexism" and how friends in America suffered the same. I always felt as though women should be able to do more and say more and take a stand in a non-bra burning way and Chimamanda conveys these same ideals in an eloquent way. This is a great read for anyone looking for someplace to start the conversation on feminism and equality of all genders.