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  • Just read the website.

    By James W Sarvey
    All of the interesting stats are already on the OkCupid blog. Most of the book is preachy, making accusations of racism against pretty much everyone. The author is careful not to miss an opportunity to remind the reader that his wife is Indian, so he's exempt from this critique. The main takeaway is that if you're attracted to white people, you're morally inferior to the author and you should feel bad, no matter what race you are. If you're looking for a social commentary with conclusion-jumping and moral crusades, this is it, I guess. If you want more of what was on their blog, like lots of fun and thought-provoking statistics, look elsewhere.
  • Excellent read and summary of data

    By The 13th Zebra
    Rudder does a magnificient job of parsing a tremendous amount of data from a great source. Anyone who has used OKCupid will be able to confirm his conclusions quickly. It’s as if we “know” intuitively what he finds in the data. I’ve read his blog on OKCupid for a number of years, and his analysis and info is spot on.
  • Biased

    By BellaBellaBijou
    Very biased and a deep reflection of the authors own ideas of what the "numbers" mean. I was shocked at some of his conclusions and accusations of society. Perfect example of how statistics can be used to forward an agenda.