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Digital Citizenship

By Common Sense Education

  • Release Date: 2016-09-01
  • Genre: Professional & Technical
Score: 2
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***We are no longer updating our iBooks offering. The current version will be retired in June 2020. Due to technical constraints, students can no longer submit their work to teachers through the book. While the iBooks are otherwise still functional, they are an earlier version of our curriculum. We strongly recommend checking out our NEW Digital Citizenship Curriculum, which can be accessed for free here:

Please direct any further questions to [email protected] We apologize for any inconvenience!


Common Sense Education's Digital Citizenship Curriculum provides the tools needed to teach students how to participate safely, responsibly, and respectfully in today's digital world. The curriculum is research-based, modular, and standards-aligned (CCSS, NETS-S, and AASL). Topics covered include internet safety, cyberbullying, digital reputations, and more.

The Student Workbook includes engaging videos, creative activities, interactive assessments, and note-taking capability. The accompanying Teacher Edition (available for download separately) includes all the student-facing materials plus professional development resources and materials that can be shared with parents/caregivers.

Used together, the Student Workbook and Teacher Edition provide students an engaging and enriching experience that will empower them to use technology for learning and life. 

Updated for the 2016–2107 school year.



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