The Complete Guide to Building Affordable Earth-Sheltered Homes - Robert McConkey

The Complete Guide to Building Affordable Earth-Sheltered Homes

By Robert McConkey

  • Release Date: 2011-04-27
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Earth-sheltered building has existed since the heyday of Skara Brae in Scotland 5,000 years ago, and is used today by people around the world. If you have ever looked at your power bill in stunned disbelief, if you are interested in green building techniques, or if you want your home to stand out (or hide out), then this book is for you. With The Complete Guide to Building Affordable Earth-Sheltered Homes, you will learn about the many different types of earth-sheltered homes and their various advantages. The energy costs of an earth-sheltered home can be as much as 80 percent lower than a conventional home. The book will examine the different environmental factors that you need to consider when selecting which style to build and how to begin. Some of the factors discussed include the different types of soil, and how to maximize use of natural light sources. Construction experts and earth-sheltered homebuilders have been interviewed and their expertise is included in this guide to help you learn how you can create your own underground home. Details of construction methods are found throughout the book, including tips and advice for planning. You will learn how to pour your own footings and floor, how to dry stack concrete block walls, how to use post and beam framing, and how to waterproof the membranes. If earth-sheltered building is good enough for Bill Gates $136 million mansion, then it just might be good enough for you too.