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  • Just okay

    By Court.Lesley
    I originally got the book because it was compared to Gone Girl; however it is nothing like that book. I could never really get into the plot or characters. The ending was a let down
  • Terrible ending

    By peggy1969
    Really enjoyed it until the ending! What a let down:(
  • Disappointing

    By Thatonegirl71
    The book was difficult to get into, it took me 13 chapters before it really got me interested and caring about its characters. I kept reading out of mild curiosity. Then it gets to the end and then it just lets you down dramatically. It's so filled with plot holes and horribly disappointing, that it made me feel like I had just wasted my time reading the book.
  • Dear Daughter

    By BFQN
    Worst ending ever! The story was interesting until the disappointing & totally implausible conclusion.
  • Dear Daughter

    By GoGo Annie
    It was such a good read until the end. It fizzled and frustrated. Rather disappointing.