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Catching Fire Cookbook: Experience the Hunger Games Trilogy With Unofficial Recipes Inspired By Catching Fire

By Rockridge Press

  • Release Date: 2013-08-20
  • Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Score: 4.5
From 58 Ratings


“What must it be like, I wonder, to live in a world where food appears at the press of a button? How would I spend the hours I now commit to combing the woods for sustenance if it were so easy to come by?” Katniss Everdeen

Savor the post-apocalyptic world of Panem one dish at a time with the Catching Fire Cookbook. Offering over 65 recipes, this cookbook serves fans an authentic taste of Catching Fire, whether foraged for in the impoverished District 12 or devoured at the lavish banquets of the Capitol. 

♣ Satisfy your appetite with the recipes savored by the tributes: Peeta’s Multigrain Bread, Chicken with Orange Sauce, and Parsley Mashed Potatoes ♣ Consume the dishes inspired by Catching Fire: Pepper Jack and Chive Muffins, Lamb Chops With a Balsamic Plum Reduction, and Tiny Plum Tarts ♣ Hunt like Katniss and Gale for adventurous ingredients and create daring dishes: Charred Tree Rat, Hazelle’s Authentic Beaver Stew, and Spit-Roasted Goat
Transport your senses into the world of The Hunger Games with Catching Fire Cookbook, and relish the delicious adventures of the trilogy over and over again. 


  • More than a cookbook

    By Joy33MI
    Great recipes for hunters and adventurous eaters. But there are also dishes that cater to us safe eaters. The most interesting part of this book was looking at food as a character and its role in defining the lives of the people in the different districts. This is a great concept for people who love the series and want to experience it on a personal level.
  • Fun Cookbook!

    By JoanneSil
    As a fan of the Hunger Games I thought it would be fun to throw a Hunger Games themed party! When I came across this cookbook I knew it was exactly what I needed to create recipes that are fun and unexpected. Many of the recipes called for ingredients I had never used before--which made them fun to track down, and even more fun to try!
  • Forage the New Cookbook with Meals from the New 'Catching Fire' Movie!

    By jwakers23
    Suzanne Collin’s dares you to eat ‘Charred Tree Rat’, ‘Beaver Stew’ and ‘Blood Orange Quail’ in this exciting and culinary delight of a cookbook. The rat is a squirrel, the beaver is beef but there IS a Quail in the next dish. ‘Forage’ for your favorite meal from the movie, ‘HUNGER GAMES: Catching Fire’ and get your next party off with a bang! One last very important item…. the best part of the book comes near the end. There's a ‘Menu List’ for Kids, another for Adults and Young Adults and an Elegant Capitol Dinner Party Menu. So if you don’t find what you are looking for at the beginning, just view the menu ideas at the back and you can’t go wrong! Everyone will love your culinary expertise.
  • A unique cooking experience

    By Elizagape
    A unique layout and inviting recipes makes the Unofficial Catching Fire Cookbook available to all ages and levels of skill. Dishes are themed according to the popular stories, and convenient side notes provide background into the authenticity of each food. Variations and substitutions are handily provided, in case the home kitchen is not well-stocked with rat, quail, lavender flowers, or whole goat, and theme party menus are conveniently cross-referenced with a variety of dishes; simple to exotic.
  • Catching Unique Eats with Catching Fire

    By RedboarAC
    Entertain guests this holiday with Paprika Duck and Rosemary or Burnt “Tree Rat” for the Timid from the Catching Fire Cookbook. This cookbook appeals to the adventurous at the dinner table. It’s a great cookbook for those who enjoy game meat suggestions. But everyone can find something new to serve from its pages, like homemade peppermint ice cream for a winter treat.
  • another dimension for hunger games fans!

    By jellymerry
    When I was a pre-teen I cherished a book of recipes for foods described in C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. That book, like The Unofficial Catching Fire Cookbook, enlivens the reader's imagination through their appetite, while creating another dimension of the fictional world for fans to enjoy. I have not read the Hunger Games, but this book taught me about the primal world of the series. Recipes range from District 12 home cooking, like 'Prim's Hearty Beef Stew', to Quell festivity dishes, such as 'Ocean Creatures and Cocktail Sauce', are simple to follow with pretty good ingredients. The only recipe that I, a food snob, scoffed at was the recipe for 'Mellark's Cinnamon Bread', which calls for instant vanilla pudding mix. That recipe is the one of the few that is as low-brow as the series itself. The most revelatory recipes contain exotic ingredients caught by Katniss: squirrels, beaver, and goat to name a few. The recipes in this chapter are fun to read and would make for a good party.
  • Playful collection of Hunger Games edibles

    By Aljkittycatk2
    I’m still not sure how a recipe for Fish Cakes with Wasabi Lime Mayo ended up in this cookbook…but it might be interesting to try it out. Overall, this is a playful collection of edibles reminiscent of the 74th Hunger Games. The recipes are not weight-friendly or exceptionally unique, but if you are an avid Hunger Games fan it could be a fun read with some interesting delicacies to try out.
  • Try Something New

    By Trist McD
    Ever had the sudden desire to roast a whole goat? The Catching Fire Cookbook showcases varied proteins, deserts, and baked goods in often imaginative ways. The typesetting and layout is less than ideal for a cookbook, but the charm and ease of execution to the recipes makes up for it.
  • Entertaining Cuisine

    By Ghostwriter427
    What makes this collection truly unique is, firstly, the fun the authors obviously had putting it together, but secondly, the extreme recipes – ones for food fit for a president’s ball, or for a “Catching Fire” -inspired dinner party. I particularly recommend the peppermint ice cream, and Hazel’s Authentic Beaver Stew. Bon appetit!
  • Catching Fire Recipes

    By MzCDF24
    The Catching Fire Cookbook is very unique. The recipes are easy to do and you will enjoy making these recipes for you, your family or for a Hunger Games theme party. The cookbook has Entrees, Desserts and even Appetizers. I can't wait to try the “No Manners Needed Chocolate Cake” recipe.