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  • Thought provoking insights

    By Reno Linda
    Highly recommend this easy to read, enlightening book. I don’t quite know what else to say except that I will try to remember to be more patient with the person in my life who I believe has undiagnosed Aspergers when he’s doing annoying things... he can’t really help himself.
  • Great read

    By danvas11
    I really enjoyed this book. Raising a child with Autism is not easy and I learned a lot from this book. It help me better understand what my son goes through and how he sees the world. I see similarities with my son that made me smile while reading and some that made me cry. Its a great read.
  • The sample is a forward

    By Jamesdrewafhihxdyjbdr
    The sample for this is the forward for the book. How does that tell me ANYTHING about the contents?
  • By Brianne’s Reviews

    By brianne0741
    This book was a short, sweet, and to the point type book. I would highly recommend this book. Reading it gives you somewhat of an understanding of what someone with autism is thinking. Granted, everyone is different in his or her thinking, but it gives you a general idea. This book would benefit anyone. You never know when you are going to run into someone with autism, and being able to understand and not get frustrated with them when you are interacting with them will help both parties involved.
  • Unforgettable

    By Jonnie csr
    This is the most important book about autism I have read.
  • The Reason I Jump

    By ot nan
    This book should be read by everyone who interacts with people with autism. It gives you a glimpse into a mind that works very differently than your own but has the same heartfelt desires as yours. it is enlightening and touching. As an OT that works with many children with autism I am going to read this book a number of times so the lessons contained in it can be fully absorbed by my mind and my soul. I am so glad this is available and I am going to share it with many others.
  • So disappointed

    By Katushinka
    I read many reviews before purchasing this book. As a teacher and family member of a child on the spectrum, I decided to buy it despite several negative reviews I'm so sorry I did! This book was wholly unbelievable to me. I doubt its authenticity. It was not helpful in the least. Pass this one by.
  • The Reason I Jump

    By Peggy Padelt
    Terrific...very intrigued by his thoughts..helped to explain the intrinsicitys of autism...leave it to a child to clear it up for us..
  • Amazing book

    By Eugene leonard
    I love this book. I have a six year old who has autism and after reading this book I feel more informed about why my son does some of the things he do. I have recommended this book to many people to better understand my son. Thank you for writing this book.
  • The reason I jump

    By Gav1016
    What a beautiful boy! You must truly be an angel. To give your insight was extraordinary. I hope everyone reads this book and gains your insight into autism. Truly moving.