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  • Complex Broken Arrow at Titan Launch 374-7

    Excellent book. Very well written and researched. The jumping around the main story was a little much. I can also speak to the excellent description the author gave to the Damascus accident, along with other accidents involving nuclear weapons. When I think of this accident; my mind still goes back to the phone call I received in the middle of the night with the words “Complex Broken Arrow at Titan Launch 374-7”. I had no idea where this was but, as the Operations Officer for the USAF Contamination Disposal Team we were activated to deploy to the accident location ready to cleanup any nuclear contamination. Luckily by the next day it was determined we need not deploy, since the warhead was relatively intact. The author was correct that until that time there was not a complete list of accident/incidents. There were reports filed but a list was never complied. I was tasked to compile a list of all accidents and incidents which was completed and forwarded up the chain of command.
  • Sadly lacks continuity

    By 36RED
    Although this book is very well-written and expertly researched, it is nonetheless a very long book, and the constant jumping around of the main story of the Damascus incident was quite frustrating. The biggest detriment to this style of layout and editing is that with such an involved story, the reader just plain forgets the characters and necessary developments of that fateful night while the book spends tens of pages on completely separate issues. I thoroughly enjoyed what the author presented in terms of history, but for the sake of the reader, PLEASE RE-EDIT THIS BOOK AND PUT THE DAMASCUS TITAN II INCIDENT IN COHESIVE CHAPTERS!!!!!!
  • Command and Control

    By Minuteman Guy
    I am a retired AF Minuteman Maintainer. Many of the Titan maintainers were retrained into the MInuteman system after the Titan shutdown. they always called our misssie a “roman candle” compared to their Titan. This book is an outstanding read. The level of detail is impeccable. The level and intensity of the research is amazing. I knew of a few of the incidents/accidents mentioned but was amazed at the actual number of them. We always leaned on the “one point safe” as a level of comfort. Thanks for a great book!
  • Thoughtfully compelling.

    By Why must I nickname me?
    Simultaneously fascinating, eye-opening and terrifying. An exhaustively researched and invaluable contribution to a topic which should be far more in out nation's consciousness. Woven together artfully are re-tellings of events and corresponding technical data/jargon in a perfect balance; technical enough for the curious, but not burdened by the weight. One of the best-written NF selections I have read in years. This should be required reading for all Americans.
  • Excellent Read

    By Bolar12
    Excellent book. Author does a great job of telling the story while also sharing vital information and stories from the past. All you old SAC Warriors will love it.
  • Excellent Book

    By Old Air Force
    I can't say I agree with the author's politics, but this is an excellent work describing the evolution of nuclear weapons. I have some personal knowledge of the accident in Damascus, Arkansas and the author did an excellent job of accurately describing the event and the major players who were participating in the efforts to avert the explosion that occurred.