Grounded - G. P. Ching


By G. P. Ching

  • Release Date: 2014-11-10
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 324 Ratings


***A Library Journal Selection***

Faith kept me plain. Science made me complicated.
Book 1 in the Grounded Trilogy

My name is Lydia Troyer. Growing up in Hemlock Hollow, my life has always been simple. Things in my community haven’t changed much in over three hundred years, since the time my Amish ancestors came to what is now the Green Republic. I milk my cow by hand, make fresh bread every morning, and hope to be courted by Jeremiah, a boy I’ve known since childhood.

When my father falls ill, the English doctor says a hospital outside the wall can heal him. Jeremiah convinces me to go on rumspringa, to experience the outside world as an Englisher in order to be closer to my father during his recovery. Others have gone before me. They claim it’s an adventure. But adventure turns to horror as an ordinary light switch thrusts me into a new world, and revelations about my personal history make me question everything I believe. 

All my life I’ve worked to be simple. I can’t pretend anymore. Nothing about me is simple.

The Grounded Trilogy

Grounded, Book 1
Charged, Book 2
Wired, Book 3

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  • A familiar Hunger Games love triangle with a fresh electricity/faith thread

    By Allison R Wilson
    I started reading this book because it was free on iBooks, and it just may have gotten me hooked for books two and three! It all felt familiar (the young-adult science fiction thriller with an interesting triangle of young lovers), but so fresh at the same time. As a person of faith, I really appreciated the way the author non-threateningly wove chunks of Amish living and Christianity with great knowledge. The sprinkling of German words made me feel like I was really learning while being entertained. The final few chapters when all the set up blasted into action was well-written and riveting. All in all, an entertaining read that makes me think deeply about ethics, true freedom, and sacrifice.
  • Amazing Tale of two worlds clashing.

    By puddinslady
    I’ve always been a lover of dystopian themed books/novels and this one has become one of my favorites. It was written very well. I read it within one day, only complaint is that I never wanted it to end!! Beautiful.
  • Grounded

    By home4slc
    Loved the book! I could feel the tension in Lydia as she tries to navigate two different worlds. I highly recommend this series.
  • Fantastic beginning to the series!

    By TM Cromer
    The premise of this book is brilliant. The author weaves an incredibly realistic view of what a futuristic world might be like. The battle between good and evil, government and rebels, and varying cultures is the result of a creative genius. I would highly recommend this series.
  • Soooo good.

    By GHES1
    I absolutely loved this series. Five stars +. All three books are great!
  • Creative and intriguing

    By KimJS99
    I really enjoyed the creative storyline of Grounded. The characters were relatable and there was a good mix of excitement, tension and even a little romance. I absolutely was ready to purchase other books in the series!

    By 222333444/
    I fell in love with this book from the beginning, it's beautifully made and I love how God was mentioned and kept through the book. I love Korwin!! He's perfect for her!❤️

    By RobertR1
  • Really enjoyed this one!

    By DAB105
    What a read! Interesting story and great characters you really feel for. Another hit in my opinion. Give this one a chance if you enjoy soul keepers try grounded! You won't be disappointed.
  • Soulkeepers series

    By Drmicey
    I began the first book the soulkeepers and have yet to stop reading everything I can by this author. Under two names that I know of her writing is a perfect mix of paranormal, romance, thriller and books I just can't put down!! Love all her books and waiting for the next grounded book to come out!! If there is one. I hope so!! Thxs for the sleepless paging turning nights!! Melisa