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  • Well worth it

    By wyodave
    I’m a long time Mac user and IT professional and I learned some new things from this excellent book. The format works extremely well.
  • Super Ninja Tricks!

    By michgunn
    What a fantastic collection of tips and tricks! I learned something new on every page, and I'm a pretty seasoned Mac user. Love the mix of reading and screencasts. It's a very engaging way to present information. Super clear and easy to follow along. I only wish there was more! :) Thanks for another great book, David and Brett!
  • Not Much New

    By qwik
    As a new Mac user I loved MacSparky's Paperless book and immediately bought this with much anticipation. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed. A number of the tips are of questionable value, while others are quite common and widely known.
  • This book is an amazing investment!

    By jtecj
    Its amazing, I payed $4,000 for this laptop and it was great, but only $7 more and it has at least doubled in functionality...Never realized I was the limiting factor. I would, have, and will recommend this book to everyone I run across with a Mac. If you have ever made an impulse buy you should pick this up, its an impulse buy that you will never regret! The build of this book gives you both literary content as well as beautifully complimenting and well performed supporting videos of the exact method. Don't think about it, get it. Thanks!
  • Become a Mac Power User for the price of a Starbucks Coffee.

    By Steven in FL
    Attorney David Sparks (along with equally geeky Katie Floyd) host the useful and very popular "Mac Power Users" podcast. David's books are are logical, sensible and well organized. The second of his "Macsparky Field Guide" series, this multimedia work is no exception. It consists of a collection of tips for users of the latest iteration of OS X, Mountain Lion. What really makes this gem stand out are the short screencasts narrated by David or his co-author Brett Terpstra. We read about a tip or shortcut that interests us, click on the play button and voilà: the magic is played out on a virtual Mac display in front of our eyes. A great demonstration of the power of this exciting new media. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned Mac power user, this is one you won't want to miss.
  • Helpful

    By Foxie Lee
    I had read the one review and bought the book. This book has a lot of information and so worth the price. THANKS to the author as I really like this book.
  • The next step in books

    By n3uralstream
    David's field notes books are absolutely the next phase in digital book publishing. The iBook format allows so much rich content and David takes advantage of this, turning the words into an interactive experience.