Nice Is Just a Place in France - Betches

Nice Is Just a Place in France

By Betches

  • Release Date: 2013-03-12
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4
From 382 Ratings


LOOK, MAYBE YOU’RE A NICE GIRL, but we’re guessing you’re more like us or you probably wouldn’t have picked up this book. Not that we have a problem with girls who are nice people. But being nice is just not the way to get what you want. And this book is about getting what you want. Not in like a finding happiness, giving back to the world, being grateful for what you have sort of way. But in a ruling your world, being the most desired, powerful badass in the room way, so you can come out on top of any situation: guys, career, friends, enemies, whatever.

How does a betch make that happen?

Here are some highlights:




We didn’t come up with these life lessons. We’re just the ones who wrote it all down. This is not self-help. Self-help is for fat people and divorcées. This is how to deal with your problems when you have no problems. You’re welcome.


  • Hilarious, not to be taken too seriously

    By Mtrizz
    This book is funny and over the top. It's definitely not a book to live by, but there are hints of insightful advice. It's witty and obnoxious, I loved it!
  • Really?

    By L2192
    This book is basically a guide for how to be a narcissist. Nice.
  • hope this was a joke

    By Brittm12321
    this was honestly the biggest waste of time ever.
  • I can see myself liking it if it didn't make fun of ACTUAL issues

    By Sarah (Mickey)
    My Mom just purchased this book for me, and I read the first couple of pages then skimmed the rest. Some of the points are good in it and says it is important to have a tough skin in the real world, it is important to let go of things, and highlights the importance of image BUT it does not encourage women to think for themselves when making decisions, endorses negativity and rudeness, also talks about the stereotypes of women and promotes them. I feel like I'm reading a book written by someone who peaked in high school and still thinks the world around her is the locker-filled hallways. It endorses drugs, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diets, and more. Some of this is funny, but most of it just makes me angry.
  • Do I have any brain cells left?

    By claudiadddddd
    I got through half the sample book and had to close it. You sound moronic. Real women do not speak nor think like that. "Betch"? "Bro"? If I wanted to learn how to "like, omg like, be the perfect like, sorority girl", I would go back to college. And blow my brains out. Do yourself and your brain a favor and SKIP! Read real books, "Twelve Pillars" or "The 48 Laws of Power". Everything you could "learn" from this book, you can get from watching reruns of Jersey Shore.
  • Nice is just a place in France

    By Appallingly awful
    Absolutely one of the worst books I've ever skimmed. I couldn't even muster the patience to read in its entirety. It's written by a four year old with the advice of a fifteen year old, desperate for attention. It piqued my interest because people kept taking pictures of it on Instagram; thinking this could be a good book. Lesson learned.
  • Nope

    By Kristin8993
    Moral of the story: being popular in middle school > being a productive member of society. That being said, if you are an anorexic drug addict (or would like to be) and are looking for a book to support your poor life choices, then this is the book for you!
  • Kind of Offensive

    By Luna_B
    This book has a bad side to it. It has offensive parts toward groups of people, culture, encouraging girls to be skinny (because it gets you everything in life) and not eat, to taking Xanax as if it was a Sweet Tart, and encouraging to drink heavily. I don't find it funny how society like this author insults women that has a weight issue. Additionally, insulting people's class by constantly putting down for being poor. What are we teaching society? What are we teaching young girls? When I got this book I was under the impression I was going to be reading about how to better ourselves as ladies. Never did I expect this.
  • Not the advice

    By Jevel Wedding Planning
    Not the advice I would give my daughter.
  • Dumb book

    By 87 sorority
    Could have been doing something else with my time.