Voting Under the Influence of Fox News - Rodney Ohebsion

Voting Under the Influence of Fox News

By Rodney Ohebsion

  • Release Date: 2012-04-14
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 2.5
From 31 Ratings


The Republican Party has undergone a major transition over the last several decades, to the point where views that used to be considered extreme are now standard and commonplace. A few too many Americans seem obsessed with lowering tax rates on the wealthy, denying basic constitutional rights to Muslims and homosexuals, giving corporations free reign to do whatever will make them more money, filling our courts and prisons with marijuana offenders, taking money away from our educational system, combatting the so-called liberal media, disagreeing with the overwhelming majority of scientists, affiliating the government with Christianity, and associating President Obama with anything they deem un-American. Outlets like Fox News have been a driving force in making those views become mainstream, and giving legitimacy to a new, transformed brand of conservatism that has way too much of an influence on US politics. This book aims to expose right wing extremism for what it is, and remind how far today’s Republicans are from the party headed by people like Reagan, Nixon, and Eisenhower.


  • No

    By Nasrin the reader
    There were lots of typographical and grammatical errors which made reading this book quite uninteresting (and I am not even a native speaker) Though I, too, do not agree with conservatives and strongly disagree with their ideas, I found this book to be nothing but someone repeatedly saying how those who do not have the same perspective are dumbed down and should not be taken seriously without providing any arguments. I've read another book by this author and thought this one might be at least humorous but was disappointed.
  • Garbage

    By Slug500
    Just another example on how hateful many democrats are.
  • Horrible biased garbage

    By Billy Pm
    I consider myself neither democrat or republican, but even I gotta admit that this is stupid bashing on republicans. I really don't see much evidence for so much hateful insulting. I barely read 5 pages, this is biased, hateful, and just bad to read.
  • Ignorant Hate Speech

    By ohwittleporta
    Pure hate. Just pure Fox News bashing that makes the author sound like an outraged psychopath. People who watch Fox News just shouldn't be allowed to vote? Dumbest thing I've ever heard. The author sounds purely hateful and uneducated. It is pretty much a hate speech against Fox News and all it's viewers. Just an hateful uneducated person on a soapbox about Fox News and its viewers. Even democrats/liberals would find this irrational, hateful and uneducated. It's just disgraceful.
  • Baseless biased trash.

    By Bandit212
    This book is garbage left wing bashing. I expected to see some points on why republicans and Fox News were causing problems but he really just bashes them for having a different opinion. He cites no examples on why they are wrong. He bashes capitalism without saying why, and then promotes his ideas with even less backing. Don't even take this filth seriously. It's not a book it is a lunatic ranting about republicans being satan.(not why they are satan, they just are) I don't believe this guy could have graduated high school.
  • Hilarious

    By Featherhead123
    This book is very funny