Why Are All the Good Teachers Crazy? - Frank Stepnowski

Why Are All the Good Teachers Crazy?

By Frank Stepnowski

  • Release Date: 2012-04-17
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4
From 10 Ratings


This book belongs on the desk of every teacher in America!

A refreshingly honest look inside the teaching profession, Why Are All the Good Teachers Crazy? is a captivating collection of hilarious stories and unreserved observations from one man’s odyssey in the classroom. With equal parts humanity, insanity, and profanity, Frank Stepnowski, a twenty year veteran of the academic wars, offers unique insight into a world everybody knows about but very few understand. “Step” as he was re-christened by his students, pulls no punches in the classroom, and takes no prisoners in his writing debut. The title, which comes from a line that the author heard many times throughout his career, is both a confession and a confirmation. “I wanted a book,” he explains, “that would make people laugh out loud but also open their eyes to just how insane the teaching profession can get. With that in mind, the book is a riotous success, providing searing insight into the classroom and giving an iconoclastic voice to a profession that often goes unheard. Why Are All the Good teachers Crazy? is a wake up call for some, a rallying cry for others, and an invitation to laugh and learn for everyone.

Based on actual events, the vivid imagery, colorful characters, and incendiary dialogue of this nuclear powered novel will take readers on a roller coaster ride that they will be talking about long after the ride is over.


  • Not Worth The Time Or Effort

    By Armando DelFucci
    Some people attempt to write. Some sit and convince themselves that they will create the Great American Novel. In most cases ... they never get to completion. Truth is ... some potential Great American Novels don't need to be written as the author lacks real literary talent. Here's a book that really didn't need to be written. It was painful to read. This is an accumulation of "in the trenches" stories of a "tough boy" teacher in a class filled with (severely) troubled youth. He recounts story after story of what occurred in his time as a teacher. The book lets us know that he has told these stories time and again to anyone that would listen. That was the first clue to the authors character. He's basically a loud, abusive, blowhard that yearns to be the center of attention. He believes he has to be tougher than any of his students ... in doing so, he bullies and abuses them. Never does he let the reader know that he cares deeply for them. Yes, he states it. But his actions do not lend credence to the statement. That was a tough thing to leave out. The lack of honor is more than this reader could handle. This book ... these stories ... are neither entertaining nor are they worthy of repeated sharing. They are just bad. I do not understand how anyone that was forced to sit through his incessant repetitious tales would find humor in any of it. It's all just very sad. My guess ... the captured audience sat and listened with fear and loathing (a bit of reference for the author). The only redeeming quality of the entire read ... the author connected with some students. The methods are criminal and the students are not necessarily better off ... but you cannot deny the connection made. It is this single piece that allows the author to continue to exist under the banner "teacher". The biggest regret in this whole ordeal ... the realization I paid money for this tripe. That's the saddest part of the entire book. So, are all of the good teachers crazy? No. Just the ones that paid for this piece of fecal matter fit that category. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.
  • Enjoyed it!

    By SSScubed
    Step's book is a fun read for educators...very real. I enjoyed it immensely...and, think you will, too.
  • Real Down To Earth With Some Humor Thrown In

    By Calisphere
    Update June 26th, 2012: I just finished the book. I still stand by what I said. You need to read this book. I did my rating from 5 stars to 4 because Step, my man, this book needs to be re-edited! Come on Step! I know the book is like 600 pages (at least on my iPad it is) but with all the editing problems, I wouldn't pay full price for your book. The content is worth the price by far but not the editing. I know you're busy but help a girl out! Anyway, continue on to my original review. Buy the book. Yell at Step for the editing. Call it a good day. As of June 18th, 2012, I am still reading this book. I just started and am on page 100 or so. You know how it is with ereaders. You can't exactly tell where you are page-wise. Anyway, so far I can say that everyone should read this book. It's a mixture of really tough situations and some humor thrown in. At some points, you want to cry because of what you're reading and at other points, you just have to laugh. Please note that this isn't a "follow the plot" sort of book. It's like a diary; random thoughts that sort of tie into each other and others that really don't. If you can keep up with the jumping of thoughts, then great! If you can't, keep giving it a try. It's not too hard to follow. It's like Facebook. It's snapshots of the author's life, yet more profound. The book doesn't always focus on the classroom. It does pull some family situations too. I can say that so far that each little story has it's own moral. Most of these stories can be a little crass, but honest. You'll learn and relearn a few of those things you missed in class, like alliteration and hyperbole, but not in a teach-y sort of way. The book is presented mostly in a way that your non-nonsense friend would talk to you. It's a one-sided conversation, not a monologue. The one complaint that I do have is that the ebook needs to be re-edited. There are some punctation errors that may get you confused at times if you are used to reading them along with the words. It's not a big deal and not something that prevented me from going from Sample to Buy. It's more of a heads up. So, to conclude, if you're unsure about buying the book outright, grab yourself a sample. It is a very long one with a thorough forward. It then gives you enough of a teaser to help you make that final choice. I spent my music money on this book and I'm glad I did.