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  • Book one was much better!

    By anorijanian
    Book two tries too hard to connect everything. Seems forced. But now I am in the middle of it and have to read book three. 😒
  • Awesome continuation

    By Ohyeahfun
    Well I have to say this second installment was just as exciting as the first ! A continuation of a great story with returning characters as well as new heroes and villains. Can't wait for the third one this summer ! You really need to read these !
  • The Twelve

    By mmtolliver
    The story was very choppy and difficult to read. The first book was much more interesting.
  • A good read but falls apart

    By Krippelz
    This book has a different feel then it's prequel. At times I found it hard to follow the timeline and what was happening to the characters throughout those timelines. I enjoyed the detail in how the virus first took hold in the USA, unmanteling the government. I wish the story had dealt more with that. This book seemed to have detached from the first. The "feel" of the world felt different and less dangerous. It felt as the book was drawing to a close, that events became crammed and too conveinient. Without spoiling it, the fact that the worlds problems with fixed in one event seemed ... Rushed. I enjoyed the book just not as much as the first.
  • Not rehash, more info. Enjoyed it!

    By 4ad-o-phile
    Didn't feel the start was a rehash of The Passage at all. It was a different angle. I love the storytelling and getting to know the characters. The end wrapped up quickly and conveniently, so I'm curious what The Mirror will tell us....
  • Haste make Waste

    By XxJaketheSnakexx
    Alright so im going to give you a basic rundown of what i think of this book. First off the passage is an amazing book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I feel like Cronin was racing to Arc the storyline and in the process injected some different themes into this story. It felt like it was rushed and that alot of the elements from the first book(which i loved) were lost and replaced with some thing else. The whole amy thing was taken to far IMO and her character skewed in the process in order to progress the story. Also the rapid transition between characters can leave even the most adept readers heads swimming, the Passage was a little more gentle with this Cronin however shows no mercy in this novel. Bottom line if you LOVED the first one you will LIKE(not love) this one as it ties up alot of loose ends. Also one more thing. The first story, i felt, could be read by alot of different audiences(age) but this book is alot darker i won't go onto details but there are alot of things that simply made me cringe. Overall a good read hopefully the third will be as good as the first
  • The Twelve

    By Caromarti
    Hard to put down this second of the trilogy to The Passage. The action does not stop. The book kept me awake late into the night because it's a solid page turner. Can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.
  • Love this trilogy

    By Kirstyd
    I had trouble following the story line at first, it takes a while to bring all the characters together. But once the books starts rolling, you can't put them down.
  • Mixed feelings about this book

    By dham340
    Having read the passage, which is book 1, I had mixed feelings about reading this. I was not too enamored about the passage for the same reasons I am not too happy about the twelve. First off the story, like the passage, is hard to follow. It jumps through time and among characters and locations. I found it difficult to keep track of where I was at. On the positive side, it all comes together in the last third of the book. That said, it is very well written - just like the passage. There are sections of the story that are quite beautiful. I can't give this book or series an enthusiastic recommendation - although I will likely read book 3 when it comes out so maybe that's recommendation enough.
  • It's decent

    By ArrynLynn
    These books are entertaining and easy to read, the story can drag on in parts but overall it's a fun read.