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  • Absolute Classic

    By hrrathul
    LOTR is a must read for every civilized person. However, I am rating this ebook version. My biggest complaint is with the maps which are low resolution copies. I will update my rating if this is ever fixed.
  • 5 stars for Tolkien, 1 star for Houghton Mifflin.

    By ++Mike86++
    This is a five star story in a one star ebook. The maps are illegible.
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    By BZzzzZzzzZB
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  • Outstanding

    By The book hogger
    Lord of the ring is one of the best books ever!
  • A Classic!

    By DashBroncos
    Ignore the reviewers complaining about the price. The reviews are meant to be what this book is about, not dollar signs. I recommend buying this trilogy edition to get the full story, originally intended by Tolkien. It was the publisher that suggested breaking the book into 3 parts, mainly to generate profits. Any ways this book is about Frodo and Sam embarking on a long journey in Middle Earth (fictional obviously) from their home, the Shire, to Mordor which took them years to finally get there, just to destroy a ring. A gold circular object that has the power to corrupt anybody that has ahold of it, twisting their minds is one of the top reasons why it must be destroyed. It wasn't exactly a smooth trip for them as they would run into several obstacles that would change their personalities and life-toughening decisions! Buy and read this edition as it will take you on an exhilarating ride of your life!
  • Please read it before you die.

    By Argh pirates
    Unforgettable tale. Tolkien was a wordsmith of the finest sort. He weaved hobbit-magic into his writing and the product is the greatest literary universe ever created. Fair warning: LOTR is chock-full of descriptive language (which is necessary for fantasy.) If you're not a fan of exceedingly poetic prose, don't even bother picking up this book—but you'll be missing out on one of the most memorable tales ever penned.
  • Get it

    By ,chthonic
    The best fantasy series ever
  • Great book, great story

    By Nickword1995
    What I like about this book is that it's the life's work of just one man. John Tolkien spend practically his whole life putting in the full detail and mythology of Middle-Earth within its chapters. It's because that The Lord Of The Rings is not just another fantasy story told in a novel like Harry Potter, but when that describes a world rich with its own histories, lands, races, cultures, and languages. You'd know that he'd be going somewhere with his work when he spends hours of his life writing down the histories and connections of the people, places, and things in his stories.