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  • Teacher

    By Suzehenry
    I leaned nothing reading " how children succeed."
  • Excellent

    By Nikiteach
    As a teacher and parent this book was extremely resourceful. I'll think differently toward each struggling student of mine. Fascinating book that left me in tears by the end!
  • Children? Heck, How We Can All Succeed.

    By suziesdad
    Covers the soft skills in a way that no other book of its genre ever has and also offers hope in that it's not too late to learn those skills. It will be interesting to see if this spawns additional research and action to further help kids (and parents) develop the soft skills they need to survive and thrive.
  • Fantastic book a must read for everyone

    By Magic Aces
    Everyone must read this book, watch Waiting for Superman and go fight for our future and our kids! It's time.
  • How Under-Privileged Children Succeed

    By Bmac1020
    If you are a middle-classed parent looking for some insight into how you can better position your children for success, this is NOT the book for you. The author offers up some DEEP insight into the fact that under-privileged youths without a strong family unit have a very difficult task ahead of them if they hope to be successful adults. The author presents some interesting children who were able to rise above their circumstances, and not only become successful adults, but become a great role model for other under-privileged youths. Their stories are inspiring, but they provide little insight into how a responsible family can help their children succeed.
  • Why Children Fail

    By Awb1961
    The title is misleading. It spends way more time on why students fail, but the worst part is the author's final conclusion: we need better government programs.
  • Amazing work

    By EMoney975
    As an engineering manager and father of three children, I found this book to be fascinating. The amount of research based facts and case studies in this book blew me away. I bought the book because it was a top seller and looked intriguing, but what I found was a gem. I have been obsessed with the psychology of motivation for years now. As a manager, I've experienced people that are intrinsically motivated and perform consistently well and others that have to be intelligent, but either lack the discipline or grit to succeed, which makes them seem (as some of their coworkers would say) at times lazy and worthless. What this book really does is begin to connect the dots for me in a new way. As I mentioned above, managing, coaching and mentoring 25-35 year olds can be rewarding and challenging. But for me, some of the challenging people I faced where enigmas. I couldn't figure them out. After knowing many of them personally, and the reading this book, I've begun to see why they turned out the way they did. This will help me immensely raise my three young kids. This also installs in me a passion to go out and make a difference in the lives of young people everywhere. I'm not a teacher, but I am a community volunteer and this inspired me more! I highly recommend this book for anyone, no matter your background. Even for single people with no kids, it will be very informative and helpful to understand some of the adversity that is faced by children nowadays.