The Girl in the Converse Shoes - Yari Garcia

The Girl in the Converse Shoes

By Yari Garcia

  • Release Date: 2012-01-11
  • Genre: Short Stories
Score: 4
From 51,847 Ratings


A geek is in search of the mysterious girl that kissed him on Halloween, but his only clues are her blonde hair...and her pink Converse shoes.


  • Sad

    By Babygirl_1717
    Sad that it was only 6 pages long.
  • loved

    By cool tings
    it made me happy ig. i just wish we could have seen after he found out and if the halloween party was in more detail!
  • Jsjsjsbzdgzjshzbd

    By person382939373
    I didn't read it!!!😀😀😀
  • Fire

    By boardman901
    Short but a great story

    By candyland_fluffy11
    I hate this book I just finished it was bad because of how short it is. I would have love this book if it would have them dating but no the end was not a nice ending of this book.
  • It was... ok

    By ++NatBug101++
    Ok like everyone keeps saying “it’s too short” well yeah it say in the how many pages box that it is 6 pages lang, what di they expect? Anyways I thought the book was ok. But if the author recreats this book into a chapter book with more details and a much longer story line with the fact that the boy had found out it was Claire (or whatever her name was) later on with lots of other thing going on in the story and had yet other and more details after he found it was her and so on. But this is only my opinion that everyone may not agree with. But I hope the author does read this one day and does decied to recreate this one day is she\he has not yet alredy.
  • Disappointed

    By cocoyoshu
    It was short misleading and quite frankly was horrible. It spent no time on details and lacked description on the party. I would have fathered it have more details and the ending was very anti-climatic. Although I did like how the person wasn’t’t blond, that twist was needed to add the tiniest bit of surprise to this land story. I wouldn’t suggest reading although it will take no time at all considering it was only five pages. I had high expectations for the title and prescription sounded quite interesting but I was let down at the first paragraph since there was a lack of adjectives. I hope the author can add more detail and make the next story of theirs longer and not as bland.
  • It was bad

    By ghftsvfshfd
    Not that good and too short
  • Short but entertaining

    By da person dat sent dis
    I saw this book in the free section because I didn’t was to pay for a book cuz my mum would never alow me to buy any books, so I got this one thinking, why not? I read the book in like 1 min but it was entertaining. I wish it was more then like 8 pages but whatever.
  • only 12 pages really

    By The ice queen_A_V
    have more pages to the story