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  • Forbidden

    By Pins4
    Never read a book like this before. Very interesting. You get into the characters and can’t leave the book.
  • Forbidden

    By Ashleylloyd
    I absolutely love this book! It is amazing, if you are into Vampire legends, read on! I think it is really cool to read about vampires and other mythical beings. This brought me to a whole new since about vampires and I love how the story plot is!
  • Just OK

    By annieduesie
    An okay read....got it free. The background story could have been better developed, .
  • Uhhh

    By Chels24jo
    The story behind this writing is absolutely entrancing but unfortunately not written very well and so loses a lot of appeal for me. Characters are disorganized and most of what happens comes off as if children are playing these roles not 300 year old immortal/vampires
  • Paranormal perfection

    By MommaMira
    Has romance, mystery, suspense, and everything in between. You’ll love this. Definitely could be fit with young adult romance.
  • Forbidden

    By startre4321
    More awaits each passing day-making it count!
  • Forbidden

    By Angelia333
    It was AMAZING! I can’t beleive how great it was! A bit more on the violent side though.
  • Forbidding

    By Japlast
    Best book I’ve read in several years can’t wait to start the next one in this series
  • Great way to start a series!

    By Beautifully entertained
    Fell in love with the characters and can’t wait to see where you take them. Finished this book in two days. 🙌🏼 Thank you for creating a beautiful world to fall into.
  • Page turner

    By 22chat22
    Vampires have never been my thing until now. This books was absolutely wonderful. Read it.