Free Will - Sam Harris

Free Will

By Sam Harris

  • Release Date: 2012-03-06
  • Genre: Science & Nature
Score: 4
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A BELIEF IN FREE WILL touches nearly everything that human beings value. It is difficult to think about law, politics, religion, public policy, intimate relationships, morality—as well as feelings of remorse or personal achievement—without first imagining that every person is the true source of his or her thoughts and actions. And yet the facts tell us that free will is an illusion.

In this enlightening book, Sam Harris argues that this truth about the human mind does not undermine morality or diminish the importance of social and political freedom, but it can and should change the way we think about some of the most important questions in life.


  • Thought provoking !

    By finneycanhelp
    No matter where you are in the discussion on free will, this book is excellent! I highly recommend that you read it.
  • Borrowed from Skinner

    By Jason, PhD
    Skinner's book "Beyond Freedom & Dignity" is far more comprehensive, based on the science of behavior, and about half a century sooner. Much of what Harris has to say is rooted in behaviorism. Curious readers ought to check out Skinner's works. Behaviorism is not dead.
  • Great read!

    By J0n83rry
    This book was a great read. I would recommend it to anyone. It is also an extremely quick read. It can be read in about two hours and it will leave the reader with something to think about.
  • There is beauty in brevity

    By Lincoln
    A quick and easy read that gets straight to the point. Humans are incredibly influence by the subconscious. I'd recommend this to anyone.
  • Powerful

    By Jdoublep
    To the point and well-informed.
  • Excellent book

    By cory heikkila
    I've never written a book review before. Why am I doing it now, when I've never cared to review anything before? I probably didn't have a choice.
  • Poor Sample

    By Awesome technology
    If you are going to give us a samples ease make more than 2-3 pages.......
  • I would rate this 0 stars, but Apple won't let me….

    By BenjaminB1991
    Seriously, if you do not have free will, then please do us all a favour and shove your iPad up your arse, to demonstrate how there is no free will.
  • Free will vs determinism worthy of more

    By Mrsqueuey
    The book was very short for such a complex topic.