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  • Comanche Moon

    By boots saddle
    Excellent history of the old west, but a little ponderous.
  • A great read for history of the American West

    By Fellafromdrippin
    A great read because of it veracity and straight to the heart of the matter. A page turner that keeps the reader engaged from the moment you begin reading this tale of Quanah Parker and the Comanches. A story too of the continuous attempts and success of the federal government to steal the lands of the Native Americans. The instructive story here is that dependence on the government leads to a shadow life of what is really the full life of a truly free person.
  • Straight History with Facts

    By Azkid70
    Good read I recommend this for any history buff
  • Empire of the Summer Moon

    By ViviMouseDman
    Terrific, interesting, entertaining! Could not put it down! Page after page, it just was one of the most interesting historic books I have ever read
  • Empire of the summer moon

    By tpc david
    I tell my new wannabe texans a must read. Stopped by the old Fort Parker in Mexia ,Texas many times on the way home to Dallas from my grandparents over 50 years ago.
  • Incredible

    By Silentdriver78
    This is the best book I have ever read. That is all.
  • Action-packed

    By malkavlad
    "Empire" is a shocking and visceral read, that explores a people that were at once beautiful and brutal. Parker's people were some of the most tactically fit warriors for their environment and, much to the chagrin of their enemies, refused to view others as fully human. As such had no problem viciously torturing any men, women, and children they came across. Lending a powerful narrative to an incredibly well researched historical account, S.C. Gwynne rarely cuts away from the gory elements.
  • Empire of the Summer Moon

    By Indians wars
    A great book about the last of the wild Comanches and their battles to maintain their land and way of life. Very interesting reading about our Texas frontier, and the Texans battles with the Indians before they were beaten and moved to reservations.
  • Amazing

    By Ben Berkowick
    I grew up in the heart of Comancheria and although I knew the name Quanah Parker, I was never taught what he represented. What happened on the plains 150 years was the collision of two civilizations centuries apart, as though brought together by a time warp. Quanah was right in the middle of it. Gwynne's research for this book is meticulous. I recommend you read the opening ages of the bibliography first to get a feel for the challenge of writing about events long past. Gwynne is able to place the reader in the nineteenth century and it is both exhilarating and terrifying. This is ultimately a very sad story, for many different reasons. However, Quanah's tale is uplifting and shows that any person can overcome complete destruction to move forward and rebuild.
  • Excellent read

    By He Derek al
    A great read, has stories of both qua ah and his mom. Starts out telling about the early of of the Comanche and ending with the placement of all the plains Indians onto the reservation. Great read.