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  • For every man

    By tominglima
    I have been a high school teacher and football coach for 25 years and this is my second time reading this great work. I used these exact same principles to run my own football program for five years. My own two sons played for me in the program I set up using the Build Men for Others principle. I was proud of what we built and watching my sons and all the young men who we coached blossom into servants of others. This is BY FAR the best book for all teacher/coaches. The BONUS is how the messages helped my own relationship with my dad. We are closer now than ever before and I can honestly say my 80 year old Dad is my best friend now! Thank you Joe, Biff and Jeffery to showing us that Loving is the way.
  • Excellent

    By Bo-hunni1817
    As a teen it's a create book many boys should read to understand the meaning of getting older and becoming a man
  • Great Book!

    By EnterpriseCycling
    As a high school football coach I found this book to be truly inspirational. Coaching is so much more than wins and losses. It's about teaching kids about life and this book puts coaching in the right perspective.
  • A good book

    By Dorsini97
    This book was a nice book to. Read but in the beginning was hard to continue read as there wasn't much a story grabber, but later in the book and near the end the book kept making me come back over and over, I have to say that in the beginning I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 but at the end I would rate a 4.5 out of 5 the book showed how being a man isn't about how much money you made or how strong you where it's all about relationships, and at the end of the book it shows just how important relationships truly are to people.
  • Life

    By Devon Lopez
    This book is a great way for a athlete to relate sports to his personal life. Never quit , once you fall get back up.
  • Excellent

    By GageMcGary
    Great book for anyone who wants a heartwarming feeling and loves the game of football! 10/10