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  • Great

    By Peter Mancini
    Need to be accountable for myself what I do and how I do it. Can’t change anyone just need to worry about how I do things
  • Really wanna read this but

    By Saytowngirl
    Purchased and it won't download ?!
  • Extremely applicable

    By Gullibleness
    An engrossing, easy read that has practical applications for every aspect of human existence!
  • So much value

    By !AO!
    I recommend everyone rad this book to make yourself a better over all person. If you are a business owner gift this book to all of your employees. Follow @_aohare
  • QBQ!

    By QBQ! fan
    QBQ! Is the definitive book on personal accountability. None other is as practical or enjoyable. Love the stories. Quick read but to be read over and over. Terrific gift book!
  • Ehhh.

    By VanCleave75
    Great concept! Find myself using allot of IQ's and changing my life to more QBQ's. But the book is not worth the price! Entire book could be summed up in 2 chapters, or just read the summery and your good.
  • QBQ?

    By Revver
    Good point a that can be covered in a short white paper on personal accountability. This book though is not worth it's price given it's extreme brevity and lack of depth all in less than 64 pages.